"Live or Die: Risk it All to Win it All!" (生か死か!?免許皆伝は命懸け!, Seika Shika!? Menkyokaiden wa Inochigake!) is episode 56 of the original Naruto anime.


Continuing to practise the Summoning Technique, Naruto summons a small toad, but promptly passes out from exhaustion as Jiraiya acknowledges his determination. Elsewhere, the Third Hokage speaks with Anko, telling her that there is no one in Konohagakure who can stand against Orochimaru. Anko mentions the Fourth Hokage, but the Third replies that he is dead and they must do it with their own strength. Jiraiya wakes Naruto and spends the day with him, bathing together in a hot spring and later eating at Ramen Ichiraku. Jiraiya tells Naruto to eat as if it were his last meal, and leaves before Naruto can thank him for the food, forcing Naruto to pay for it. When Naruto finds him, Jiraiya tells the boy to hug his crush, after which Naruto attempts to hug Sakura and is beaten up in return. Continuing their training, Jiraiya renders Naruto unconscious and throws him off a high cliff as he awakens, attempting to force the boy to draw on the Nine-Tails' power.

Beneath the Hokage Rock, Iruka teaches his class about the history of the Hokage. The Third watches the class and Iruka invites him in, telling the children that the Third was said to be the strongest Hokage and a genius renowned as The Professor. The Third tells the students to protect their loved ones, and when they ask him who his own loved ones are, he replies his grandson, Konohamaru, and all the people of the village. Meanwhile, Naruto enters his subconscious and speaks with the Nine-Tails for the first time. The fox lends Naruto some of his chakra to prevent them both from dying, and with it Naruto successfully summons a gigantic toad.