"Loser" (ウスラトンカチ, Usuratonkachi, Viz: Buffoon) is chapter 6 of the Boruto manga.


Naruto enters Tailed Beast Mode and holds Momoshiki's attack back. He considers using a Tailed Beast Ball on it, but changes his mind. Boruto questions why he would do that, and Sasuke explains that Naruto could just blast the attack away, but doing so would destroy much of the surrounding land. Momoshiki takes Naruto's course of action as proof of being an inferior form of life. Naruto takes the full force of the attack, as Boruto recalls Sasuke's words about Naruto's past struggles. Boruto wakes up at the hospital, where everyone was brought to after the attack. He finds his mother being treated by Sakura, with Himawari by her side. Sakura explains Hinata was injured trying to keep Momoshiki and Kinshiki from taking Naruto. Full of regret, Boruto runs out of the hospital, tripping on a medical kit. He notices he's still wearing his Kote, and angrily removes and tosses it aside. He goes to the Hokage's office, and recalls his previous criticisms of Naruto. He finds and puts on Naruto's old jacket, and considers himself a loser. Sasuke agrees with him. Sasuke points out the similarities between Boruto's current situation and Naruto's when he was his age, prompting Boruto to ask Sasuke what Naruto did back then. Sasuke thinks Boruto is starting to overcome his weaknesses. Sasuke tells Boruto to ask Naruto himself, as Sasuke is still able to sense his chakra. Boruto asks Sasuke why he would look after him, and Sasuke replies that he is his student. Sasuke states Boruto is a strong shinobi, though Boruto has his doubts. Sasuke points out he is Naruto's son, is studying under Sasuke, and is a bigger loser than Naruto was. Boruto asks what he means, and Sasuke explains Boruto grew to hate losing, unwilling to give up or back down. The other Kage volunteer to help rescuing Naruto. Gaara says Boruto looks like Naruto did back then, but Sasuke points out he is missing something. On the Academy's roof, Sasuke opens a portal with his Rinnegan to where Naruto was taken. Sakura, Hinata, Sarada and Mitsuki come see them off. Boruto puts on Sasuke's scratched forehead protector, reminding Hinata how much he looks like Naruto. Hinata tells him to protect his father, and Sasuke notes he is finally acting like a shinobi. As he goes to enter the portal, Boruto promises to come back.

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