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魍魎 Mōryō
Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie
Appears in Movie
Voice Actors
Species Demon
Status Deceased

Mōryō (魍魎, Mōryō) was a large, dark demon from another world that appeared in Naruto Shippūden the Movie.


Mōryō tried to destroy the world and create a one thousand year kingdom (千年王国, Sennen Ōkoku), and a clan of shinobi had borrowed his Ghost Army to help him achieve this goal. However, he was stopped and sealed away before he could do so by Miroku, the high priestess of the Land of Demons. His soul was sealed in the Land of Demons, and his body in the Land of Swamps.


Mōryō is a gigantic serpentine creature with a very long and dark purple body, and multiple dragon-based heads, at least four are seen. His eyes are glowing red, and the tongues are blue. There is a lighter purple aura surrounding his body.


Once united body and soul, Mōryō is capable of unimaginable feats, such as raising a nearly indestructible army of stone and in direct combat, it can create a darkness that engulfs people, leaving them without the power to see. Its tentacles had agile movements, able to circumvent Naruto on one occasion. The host of Mōryō are also granted many powerful abilities. Yomi's techniques and physical powers were greatly enhanced, removing any of their normal limits and potential impediments. However, Mōryō's soul was too powerful for a mere human to contain for extended periods of time, as Yomi exhibited signs of pain and weakness from time to time, and ultimately died.

Plot Overview

Years after being sealed, the descendant of the clan that followed Mōryō, Yomi, came to free the demon's spirit when the stars begin to align, giving them a second chance to once again create the "Thousand Year Kingdom". Without his proper body, Mōryō will vanish moments after leaving the shrine, so Yomi offered his own body as a temporary avatar. From that point on, Mōryō inhabited Yomi's body, and gave orders to his four followers whilst controlling his stone army, who were headed toward the sealing shrine to retrieve Mōryō's body. When he arrived, he went inside and met with Shion, daughter of Miroku. He then confused her in order to distract her whilst he retrieved his demon body, while bursting out of Yomi and killing the man. Naruto Uzumaki then arrived and they began to fight. Mōryō then tried to absorb Shion, but she was saved by Naruto. He was then killed by Naruto and Shion's Super Chakra Rasengan.


  • His name means "all kinds of spirits and goblins".
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