"Madara's Strategy!!" (マダラの作戦!!, Madara no Sakusen!!, Viz: Madara's Scheme!!) is chapter 540 of the original Naruto manga.


After a short talk with an Iwa shinobi, Sakura is shown pondering her feelings for Sasuke. The Iwa-nin leaves the tent. "Neji " enters the tent and startles Sakura. Itachi and Nagato discuss Tobi's strategy while waiting near a shrine, and the real Neji is seen still in the battlefield, complaining to Kiba that he doesn't want to go to the the medical compound. Kiba tells Neji that getting himself killed from overexertion won't impress anyone, and chides Neji when he can't even tell Kiba and Akamaru apart when he starts directing his responses to Akamaru instead of him. Hinata and Shino keep on watch with the Byakugan and kikaichū respectively. Shino tells her not to overdo it, to which Hinata responds that they are fighting the war to protect Naruto. "Neji " asks Sakura where Shizune is, and she tells him she's tending to Tonton's leg. "Neji", assuming Tonton is a human, says that at least a leg injury is better than a hand injury, which would prevent Tonton from forming seals, arousing Sakura's suspicion that something with Neji is amiss. He asks her to take a look at his arm, which he claims is still causing him pain, simultaneously reaching for a kunai with his free hand, when Sakura slams him into the ground before he can stab her. The "Neji " reverts into a White Zetsu clone, and recalling Yamato's report, Sakura figures out how the clone was able to imitate Neji perfectly. She then informs the HQ of her findings. Meanwhile, the White Zetsu continue their assassinations under the cover of night. At the headquarters, Inoichi and Ao relay the reports they receive to Shikaku, and he tries to formulate a strategy. A and Tsunade then intercept Naruto and Killer B as they head towards the battlefield.

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