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(狂気, Kyōki)
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Volume Info
Previous The Right Job for Idiots and Bastards
Volume 16
Next Rift
Pages 176
Release Date
Japanese January 04, 2022 (ISBN 978-4-08-882893-0)
English February 07, 2023 (ISBN 978-1-9747-3472-6)

Madness (狂気, Kyōki) is volume 16 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Chapter 60

"Place to Belong" (居場所, Ibasho)

Sai, Shikamaru, and Ibiki discuss Code's ability, as explained to them by Amado. The Claw Marks he creates tags locations, allowing him to instantly travel between them, which Shikamaru compares to the Flying Thunder God Technique despite it not being space–time ninjutsu. Sai reports that no marks having been found inside the village at the moment, but four marked spots have been discovered near the outer wall. He has others looking for more, and Shikamaru is concerned they're decoys to spread them thin. Ibiki reports the other villages have also found marks, but still no sign of Code, which exasperates Shikamaru. Sai adds that none of the captured Outers, but their interrogations yielded nothing useful. Their only viable avenues are to continue investigating the marks, and the targets of Code's revenge for Isshiki's death. Kawaki observes them from the Hokage Rock, as well as shinobi assigned to monitor him. Sumire asks what are Amado's plans for Kawaki after restoring his Kāma. Amado is vague, saying it's a personal matter with Kawaki, and assuring her he has no intention of wronging Konoha. Noting a container by him, she asks what he's working on. Amado says it's something he has already run by Katasuke, that should result in a powerful ally for Konoha. Code grows impatient with Daemon riding on his back, and asks Ada for assistance. She's glad the two of them have become friends. Daemon notices Bug sneaking away, and jumps on him. He screams, asking where Bug is going. Code attempts to mark Daemon, only succeeding at marking Bug, Daemon's ability reflecting the marks at him without conscious intent. Code claims he's demonstrating his ability, finding it quicker than explaining it as he pulls Bug through a mark. He explains only he can move through them, and at most take one other with him at a time. Bug thanks him for removing him from Daemon's grasp, but Code claims he was only making a demonstration. He asks Daemon for a more detailed explanation of his ability, but Ada stops Daemon before he can give one. Code asks if she doesn't trust him, but she says what she told him is enough. They just met and she needs more time before showing him everything. He asks if she has other abilities she hasn't demonstrated, and she thinks that would be interesting. Daemon does as Ada says and reveals nothing. Kawaki notices civilians staring at him, and recalls Shikadai's warning. At home, Boruto completes a week taking Amado's medication, but notices no change. Hinata asks him about Kawaki, noting he's never been late for dinner. Naruto finds Kawaki, asking if the water and once rice ball he bought are all he's having for dinner. Kawaki claims he's bored of Hinata's food, but Naruto points out he always cleans the plate. He says he likes that spot, gazing down at the village, but he thinks there's no place for him in it. He thinks Jigen or Isshiki were right about him. Naruto picks Kawaki up to take him home, calling him a son. At home, the Uzumaki have prepared a proper welcoming party for him, the vase he fixed prominent on the table. Kawaki tells Himawari she should have used the vase he bought, the one he fixed looking ugly with all the cracks. She says the vase is even more special to her now. Boruto says he has something for him, and shows him his forehead protector. Kawaki points out he's not an official shinobi, but Boruto counters he has started training, and that he, Sarada, and Mitsuki consider Kawaki a team-mate. Kawaki says Boruto won't have one if he accepts, but he says he has Sasuke's, so Kawaki should keep his until he has his own. Hinata and Himawari think it suits Kawaki, but Boruto finds him dorky with it. Himawari suggests he wear it around his neck, like she has seen others doing it. Later, Naruto tells Kawaki he does belong, and that it he doesn't feel it, if someone like him can't live at ease, that Naruto has failed as Hokage. In his bedroom, Boruto shifts his attention from the medication to his Kāma. Kawaki thinks of Amado's offer to give him a purely offensive Kāma, and dismisses it, thinking there's still one thing he can do to protect Konoha and Naruto.

Chapter 61

"Madness" (狂気, Kyōki)

Boruto buys Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls card packs, and is frustrated by still not getting Sasuke's card. Kawaki notices his surveillance, whose blatancy bothers Boruto. Shikadai points out such surveillance is why he can move out freely despite the threat of an attack. Kawaki questions how much it actually bothers Boruto, who sleeps soundly at night. Boruto questions why direct surveillance is necessary when the village's Barrier Team has a Sensing Barrier in place. Kawaki is unfamiliar with it, so Inojin and Shikadai explain it to him. Going by their explanation, Kawaki determines the barrier merely identifies intruders, and dealing with them is another matter. Boruto doesn't have faith that the shinobi watching them would be a match for Code should he attack. Inojin believes him to be a sensor who would relay their location and situation, so Naruto or Sasuke would fight Code. Boruto is still irked by the lack of privacy. Kawaki recalls Amado's words about Naruto fighting Code. Inojin vouches for the village's sensing unit since the Yamanaka Clan is involved in it, pointing out it would be necessary to erase one's chakra signature to evade them. Boruto complains about his every moment being watched by strange, older men, and buys another card pack. Kawaki ponders on Inojin's words. Sasuke investigates one of the Claw Marks around the village, and the shinobi watching them report no activity since their discovery. He doesn't believe this is where Code will emerge, as this is not where he would do it, but concedes he has no authority to tell the shinobi to stop monitoring it. Shikamaru receives reports while smoking atop the Academy. Amado joins him, admitting surprise by the trouble, finding Code to be cautious, but not particularly bright. He pulls out a cigarette, but Shikamaru tells him not to get carried away and that smoking is prohibited there. Shikamaru is suspicious that Amado would find anything unexpected, still believing everything to be going accord some secret plan of his, and Amado assures him the chain of surprises so far would be unthinkable for him. The biggest surprise for him has been Kawaki's love and devotion to Naruto. Upon the mention of devotion, Shikamaru asks if Code's devotion to Isshiki and how long they haven't heard from him could mean he's too depressed to attempt vengeance. Amado finds it too optimistic, but great if it were true. At night, at the Uzumaki home, Kawaki takes out the trash, noting the sensor shinobi watching him. He goes back inside, going through a tree in the garden. Boruto talks to Kawaki inside, but senses him still outside. He determines the Kawaki inside to be a shadow clone, while sensing the real one moving away from the house. Boruto thinks that if he's caught, their surveillance will be tightened, but is surprised the sensor shinobi hasn't pursued Kawaki. He determines that Kawaki somehow erased his chakra signature. Ada reports to Code that Kawaki is on the move alone. He questions how Kawaki managed it if people are watching him, and Ada explains that erasing one's chakra signature is a standard Ōtsutsuki ability. She believes Kawaki shouldn't be aware of it yet, having accessed it on instinct. Code wants to seize the opportunity, and emerges from a Claw Mark discreetly applied to a tree. He puts his mouth through a mark to ask Ada for guidance, who finds it gross. Boruto can't go after Kawaki without the sensor shinobi following him, and wonders how Kawaki did it. He asks Kawaki's shadow clone how he erased his chakra signature, and puzzled, wonders how he can still sense Kawaki. The real Kawaki speculates on the explanation. Ada reports on Kawaki's movements to Code, who intends to ask Kawaki why he's outside the village directly.

Chapter 62

"Run-in" (邂逅, Kaikō)

Boruto determines Kawaki is beyond Konoha's limit, and questions Kawaki's shadow clone, who tells him not to interfere. Boruto alerts Nishi, who doesn't believe him, still sensing Kawaki's shadow clone. Ada gives Code directions to intercept Kawaki, Code wonders what to talk about with him. Boruto warns Naruto of Kawaki's escape, as well as his erasing his chakra signature to avoid detection. Boruto insists on it, and Naruto has Nishi expand his sensing range and notify Shikamaru. Kawaki's shadow clone disperses frustrated. Kawaki finds Code, who marks him with his claw, closing the gap between them, and asks if he's gained weight. Naruto questions Boruto on his claim, and how he can still sense Kawaki. He confesses having reservations about Boruto's claim, as he has complained about the surveillance. Naruto and Boruto don't find the shadow clone, and Nishi reports that Kawaki's chakra has suddenly vanished from inside the house. Naruto confers with Shikamaru and Ino, warning them that Kawaki's chakra is currently undetectable. Boruto can no longer sense Kawaki and wishes to pursue him. Naruto is against it, as Boruto is under surveillance for the same reason, but Boruto argues the Sensing Unit won't be able to find him, and soon neither will he. He slips out when Naruto is still coordinating the search with Ino. Amado and Shikamaru wonder how and why Kawaki left. Boruto goes towards where he last was able to detect Kawaki, hoping they'll track his chakra to find them both. Code and Kawaki fight, Ada reminding Code not to kill him. Kawaki says he left to see him, and confirms that Code wants vengeance against Isshiki's killers. He claims responsibility for Isshiki's death, and offers himself up if Code leaves Konoha alone, saying none of it would have happened if he hadn't fled Kara. Code finds his proposition ridiculous and continues attacking him. He is furious with his begging, seeing it as defilement of Isshiki's rightful vessel. Ada's pleas for Code not to hurt Kawaki wake Daemon up. Code explains to Kawaki he already knows all the details of Isshiki's death, and has inherited his will and plans. He reveals that Kawaki is excluded from his revenge because there's someone who wants to meet him, and prepares to leave with him. Boruto arrives, freeing Kawaki by kicking Code aside. He tells Kawaki to tell him where he's going next time so he doesn't get yelled at.

Chapter 63

"Ask No Questions" (問答無用, Mondōmuyō)

Ada blames Code for rushing in without listening to her, so she wasn't able to warn him of Boruto's arrival. When Code asks, she's unsure how Boruto tracked Kawaki, attributing it either to being Ōtsutsuki or to the Kāma. She's jealous of the bond they share. Boruto and Kawaki argue about the other being there. Kawaki tells Code to ignore Boruto and leave together. Code remains silent, and the two resume arguing. Boruto says that Konoha will be able to track him there, but keeping Naruto away and safe is what Kawaki wants. Ada reports to Code on the likelihood of Konoha finding them now that Boruto is there. Code asks what Kawaki thinks he can do to protect the Hokage. Kawaki wants to talk with whoever wants to meet with him. Ada perks up at him wanting to meet her. Kawaki wants to negotiate with that person, because whoever they are, they were able to influence Code to exclude Kawaki from his vengeance. Code questions on the unreasonable demands Kawaki might get, but he counters that he's used to people always wanting unreasonable things from him. Code was willing to drag him, but is glad for Kawaki's willingness to come with him, and manifests a Claw Mark by Kawaki. Boruto tells them both not to ignore him, and tells Kawaki that Naruto wouldn't want this. Kawaki says he's doing it for Naruto. Boruto punches him, and while saying he gets it, he wants to protect Kawaki. Ada is excited by it. Code properly introduces himself to Boruto, and affirms that as Momoshiki's vessel, he reveres him. As such, it pains him that he must sacrifice Boruto to cultivate a God Tree. Boruto thinks that talking to Code is useless, and activates his Kāma. Ino reports to Naruto that despite extending their range to beyond the village, they can't find Kawaki. He recalls Boruto words, and tries finding him. He asks Nishi, who reports Boruto is nowhere nearby. Code blocks a kick from Boruto, who uses their proximity to try landing a Rasengan. Code slips away through a Claw Mark and counterattacks. He deflects shuriken from Boruto, but one of them is a transformed shadow clone, who attacks with Lightning Release: Thunderclap Arrow. Code avoids it again, and finds fighting with shinobi fun. However, he deems Boruto an amateur with the Kāma, activating his own, and going on the offensive, blocking Boruto's attacks and landing his own. Code explains there's more to the Kāma than making them faster and stronger, it also grants the user the accumulated battle experience of the Ōtsutsuki who branded it, if one knows how to draw from it. Code knows there's more to Boruto, and asks to see Momoshiki's power. Boruto avoids a stomp from Code, and begins drawing more power from the Kāma.