This is the article on the clone created by Kabuto Yakushi. For the original serpent in Orochimaru's services, head to Manda.
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Manda 2

Manda II

二代目マンダ Nidaime Manda
Manga Volume #54, Naruto Chapter #513
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #255
Appears in Anime, Manga
Sex Gender Male Male
Species Snake
  • Part II: 1
  • Kabuto Yakushi
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Manda II (二代目マンダ, Nidaime Manda) is an enhanced clone that was created from the original Manda's cells using various drugs by Kabuto Yakushi.


Manda II was created by Kabuto, who used cells from the original Manda to create the former.


Unlike the original Manda, Manda II is very loyal to Kabuto, his creator.


Manda II is even larger than the original, almost the same length as the Island Turtle, making it one of the largest summons in the series. It also has four sets of claws along its length, a cobra-like hood and a rattlesnake's tail. Manda II's teeth also take on the form of a venomous snake's fangs, resembling those of a cobra while Manda's teeth took on the form of constrictor snake's teeth. Like the previous Manda, he is purple, has green eyes and has the same dark markings over his eyes.

In contrast to the original Manda, Manda II lacks the four horn-like appendages on his head, and black rings running down his body. Also, unlike Manda, who was based more on an anaconda-like constrictor, Manda II has a mixture of features from many types of snakes and even oriental dragons.


According to Kabuto, Manda II is bigger, stronger, and has far more acute senses than the original.[2] Its massive strength was shown that, even in the water, it slowed down the Giant Island Turtle with ease, yanking it back. It was able to quickly kill the Giant Squid, leaving a giant bite mark on its head. Being a direct clone of the "strongest colossal serpent", it presumably possesses all of the original Manda's abilities, such as extreme speed and shedding its skin. It is not yet known whether this Manda is able to speak like the previous Manda.

Part II

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown

Nidaime Manda constrict

Manda II constricting the Island Turtle.

Summoned to seek out and restrain the Giant Island Turtle by Kabuto, it swam past and killed the Giant Squid which guards the island and latched onto the Giant Island Turtle's tail, immobilising it for one of Deidara's bombs. It pulled the Giant Island Turtle as Deidara's bomb exploded which flipped it on its back rendering it incapacitated. It was later seen wrapping itself around the turtle's neck, constricting it. Eventually, with Yamato captured, Kabuto climbed into its nostril and the snake was dispelled.[3]



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