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マロイ Maroi
Novel Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison
Movie Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison
Appears in Novel, Movie
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  • Spy
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Maroi (マロイ, Maroi) is a Kumogakure shinobi who appears in Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison. He was tasked with infiltrating the Hōzuki Castle as a prisoner, find the Box of Ultimate Bliss and to retrieve it for the village.


Maroi is one of the Kumogakure shinobi with names that match their personality. He is in fact a calm, jovial and level-headed individual that sometimes came off as being entirely carefree.


Maroi is a fairly tall, dark-skinned man with brown hair which he kept short on the top, ending in a long ponytail and the back of his head was shaved. He also has grey eyes and a beard. He wears a brown, long-sleeved, high-collared top with ragged edges and yellow trimming on the shoulders and sleeves. He also wore a pair of green pants, sandals and a knee-guard.



Maroi using Lightning Release: Lightning Signal Fire.

Maroi is a capable Lightning Release user, seen from his use of the Lightning Release: Lightning Signal Fire. He is also able to use Water Release to create jets of water. Maroi has also shown skill with basic ninja skills, such as taijutsu as well as the Transformation Technique. He is also quite adept with the Body Flicker Technique displayed by his ability to single-handedly cause more of the prisoners to partake in a riot by making it seem as though they were attacking each other.

Maroi has also been proven to be quite knowledgeable, instantaneously recognising Satori upon it being released and knowing about Natural energy and Sage Mode. Upon seeing the latters' usage by Naruto Uzumaki, Maroi swiftly managed to deduce that he had used a shadow clone to prepare it, showing himself to be highly intelligent as well.

Plot Overview

Maroi is sent to the Hōzuki Castle as a spy for Kumogakure. There, he is able to gain favour with Mui and acted as his aide often time carrying out his orders of kidnapping prisoners. From the shadows, Maroi inveigles Naruto Uzumaki to rebel against Mui, got him locked up in solitary confinement where the young man was able to gather natural energy. He also orchestrates the last big riot at the jail before the Box of Ultimate Bliss was uncovered. After this, he sends up a signal flare to his comrades. At the end, it was revealed that Maroi is also a part of the joint venture with Konoha to uncover the person, who was imitating Naruto and seeing to it that the box was never used again.


  • "Maroi" (丸い) means "calm" or "harmonious", referencing his personality.
  • Though seemingly being branded with the Fire Release: Heavenly Prison cursed seal, he was still able to use chakra without the adverse effects. This was possibly due to him gaining Mui's favour.
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