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美瑠 Miru
Manga Volume #54, Naruto Chapter #507
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #251
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Female Female
  • Part II: 19
Status Deceased

Miru (美瑠, Miru) was a kunoichi from Kirigakure and a part of the village's Cypher Division.


Miru about to be killed by Kisame

Miru falling victim to Kisame's blade.

Miru joined Kiri's Cypher Division in order to protect her fellow Kiri shinobi.[1] During a mission, Kisame Hoshigaki was tasked by his superior Fuguki Suikazan to guard the division. Despite the protests of the other division members, Miru tried to establish a friendly relationship with Kisame, inviting him to eat with them. However, when the group was cornered by Konoha-nin under Ibiki Morino, she and the rest of the Cypher Division members were killed by Kisame to keep their intel from being leaked out through Ibiki's interrogation, as instructed by Fuguki. The horrified Miru was the last member to be killed by him, trying with her last breath to inquire the reason of his treachery.[2] In the anime, she survived long enough for him to explain his actions, leading her to pity him before he gave her the final blow.[3]


Miru has been described as being very protective of her dispute-loving fellow shinobi.[1] She was a very kind and nice person in general, seen when she offered Kisame to eat with them despite the rest of her comrades seeing him as no more than a bodyguard. In the anime, she also invited him to eat with her after the mission and apparently bore no ill will for him after he explained his real mission, commenting with a faint smile on her face what a "terrible life" he's living.[3]


Miru was a young woman with long, brown hair and dark pupil-less eyes. Attire wise, she wore the same outfit as the other Cypher Division members — consisting of a dark green kimono with an undershirt and tied with a sash. She also wore the village's standard forehead protector.


  • The kanji "美" in Miru's name means "beauty", while "瑠" is a part of the Japanese word "ruri (瑠璃, ruri)", which means "Lapis lazuli".


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