• The assignment desk.
  • The kanji for "shinobi" on the ceiling.

The Mission Assignment Desk (任務受付, Ninmu Uketsuke) is located within the Ninja Academy where shinobi go to in order to receive most of their missions from the Hokage. The Mission Assignment Desk is located within a huge, wide-open space with six windows and high ceilings with two stick-like lights. The ceiling also has the kanji for the word "shinobi" (, shinobi) printed on it. There is a long table where the Hokage and other ninja sit when distributing the missions. On the front of the desk, there is a white banner with the kanji that says "mission assignment this way" (任務受付はこちらまで, ninmu uketsuke wa kochira made) and at the top is another banner that says "everybody, do your best" (皆さんガンバ, minna-san ganba). The Mission Assignment Desk was first seen when Team 7 completed their mission to capture the cat, Tora, for the Fire Daimyō's wife, Madam Shijimi.

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