This technique creates several ghost-like figures clad in black that emerge from the surrounding environment. When Mubi uses this technique, the figures are somewhat similar in appearance to him, but are not his exact lookalikes in the same that other clone techniques resemble their users. The black figures move slowly towards their target, provoking the target into attacking. Each time the figures are struck, the attacks pass through them, only briefly disfiguring their form. With each attack they receive, the figures multiply.[1]

Because this is only a genjutsu, the black figures cannot do any actual harm to their targets. However, if users - while hiding nearby - coordinate their attacks with the figures', such as by secretly throwing kunai along the same trajectory, targets may not realise the kunai are real and thus won't know to dodge until it's too late. Even if targets can avoid damage, being subjected to this sort of tactic for prolonged periods will inevitably wear them down, making them easy to finish off.[2]

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