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モンダイ Mondai

  • Mondai Guy (モンダイ・ガイ, Mondai Gai)
Anime Naruto Episode #161
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 184 cm
    1.84 m
    6.037 ft
    72.441 in

Mondai (モンダイ, Mondai) and his partner Potcha were two imposters who tried infiltrating Konohagakure.


Mondai and Potcha sought fame in their village and apparently spent months perfecting their "disguise" technique.


Mondai appears to be very goofy and not very smart. He is also very feminine due to his actions. He has been described as the smarter of the two.


Mondai has short spiky brown hair and small black-coloured eyes. He also appears to be very feminine looking because of how he paints his nails and blushes a lot.


Mondai along with Potcha put on football helmets and charge at the enemy with a high speed attack though it is unknown what the effects of this technique are since it was halted.

Part I

The Appearance of Strange Visitors

Mondai disguised as Guy

Mondai disguised as Might Guy.

Mondai and Potcha went to infiltrate Konoha and gather its secrets by disguising themselves as Might Guy and Rock Lee respectively, while the real Guy and Lee were out on a mission. They are oblivious to the fact that their disguises are fooling nobody, except for Naruto. Tsunade, Sakura, and Tenten forced them along by giving them outrageous missions, preventing them from learning anything. They were defeated when the real Guy and Lee attacked them with their Double Dynamic Entry technique.


  • Mondai calls himself Mondai Guy (モンダイ・ガイ, Mondai Gai) while disguised as Might Guy, which is a pun for "mondai nai" (問題ない) meaning "no problem".
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