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モンガ Monga
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #285
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Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
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Monga (モンガ, Monga) was a shinobi of Iwagakure.


Monga had a tough guy attitude. He was rather calm in stressful situations. He cared deeply for his comrades and was also very courageous and confident in his abilities, as shown when he opted to face Gari alone, and when he earlier bragged that no one would lay a finger on his comrades as long as he was present.


Monga was very large in stature: both tall and extremely muscular. He had brown hair and small black eyes, a wide nose and grey blue fang-shaped markings beneath the centre of his eyes. He wore the standard Iwagakure outfit, consisting of red clothing with a left sleeve and lapel. He wore his red forehead protector in a bandanna style which was tied in the back.


Monga's strength

Monga using his raw strength with his nature transformation.

Monga demonstrated great capability as a shinobi. He proved skilled enough to take down Gari in a matter of seconds, showing great strategic abilities, innovatively using Earth Release in conjunction with a number of explosive tags. In the same encounter, he also showed impressive strength, being capable of shattering rock with a single punch.

Nature Transformation

Monga was skilled in the field of Earth Release techniques. He was capable of using earth walls of varying sizes for defence as well as trapping an opponent. For offence, he could use Earth Release: Earth and Stone Bamboo Shoot, creating spikes to assault his opponent.

Part II

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

Earth and Stone Bamboo Shoot

Monga attacking Gari.

As the reincarnated shinobi reappear on the battlefield, most of the Third Division is scattered into small squads. Monga leads a squad consisting of Maki and Ruka that is assigned to protect the Medical, Sealing and Intel squad members. Gari confronts the squad who Monga thought he would never face in battle. Disappointed in Gari's attitude of being okay with being controlled, Monga battles his former comrade and blows him to bits with rocks by pushing a mud wall placed with explosive tags. Monga instructed Maki to seal Gari, but he is caught in a sneak attack by Pakura, and ultimately mummified.

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