Mount Shumisen.

Mount Shumisen (須弥山, Shumisen-zan, literally meaning: Mountain that Pervades Necessarily) was where Hiruko set up his base of operation in the third Shippūden movie. On the way there, there are four gates, the first three guarded by one of Hiruko's subordinates. On top of the mountain was Hiruko's fortress, where he had all his kekkei genkai-carrying victims crucified.

Mount Shumisen is one of the three requirements for Hiruko's Chimera Technique to completely absorb all five of Hiruko's victims, "earth", and the mountain being close to the solar eclipse, which is another requirement, "heaven". The five human sacrifices, "human", would allow Hiruko to become immortal and perfect. When Naruto Uzumaki prevented Hiruko from completing the ritual of absorbing Kakashi Hatake (which inadvertently saved Hiruko from Kakashi's time-triggered Kamui), Hiruko released a massive wave of chakra to destroy his own fortress, and their ensuing battle, alongside that of Hiruko's fused subordinates against Konoha 11, caused much of the mountain to be blown apart.


  • The name of the mountain is likely derived from Mount Sumeru or Shumi-sen (須弥山 or しゅみせん, Chinese: Xumishan), the mountain at the centre of the World in ancient Hindu-Buddhist cosmology. Its prominence is emphasised by some everlasting snow that seems to cover it and the Shitenno, the Four Heavenly Kings, that protect the four continents surrounding Mt. (Su) Meru.
    • Seeing how the mount itself is located in the middle of the continent (in the border of Iwagakure and Kusagakure and surrounded by four of Five Great Shinobi Countries), it may be based from the lore itself.
    • The Shitenno, the Four Heavenly Kings, that protect the four continents surrounding Mt. (Su) Meru also a reference about four gates which guarded by Hiruko and his subordinates which guarding four level of this mountain. Each person guarding a specific area respectively.
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