Moya Triad
Moya Triad

Moya Triad (モヤ三人衆, Moya sannin-shū, Literally meaning: Haze Triad)

  • Moya-nin (モヤ忍, Literally meaning: Haze ninja)
Anime Naruto Episode #101
Game Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2
Appears in Anime, Game
Team Info
  • Gender Male Mo (Anime only)
  • Gender Male Ya (Anime only)

The Moya Triad or the Moya Brothers are a trio of "ninja" (though they lack the skill of even the most feeble shinobi). The eldest brother named Aniki is the smartest, but that is not saying much. They each have a stylised haze cloud symbol on their forehead protectors that almost resembles a question mark. They claim that they are very wealthy.


Aniki holds a grudge against Kakashi Hatake for coming to the aid of a girl he had been stalking, and then leaving the trio tied up in a bundle hanging from a tree while the girl left with Kakashi.

Part I

When Team Kakashi went on a mission, the Moya Triad tried to get revenge on Kakashi, which consisted of hiccup drug in the food and laughing darts, which will make him hiccup and laugh until he dies from it, respectively. Both attempts failed horribly. The Triad were ultimately lured out unintentionally by Kakashi's three students, who wanted to unmask their teacher, but was mistaken by the Triad to be enemies of Kakashi as well. Taking advantage of this misunderstanding, the three reveal themselves with a bottle of poison that will make Kakashi cry forever to death, only to be shocked that Kakashi informed them he already knew of them stalking him all along, and had been waiting for them to come out. The rest of Team Kakashi, who had been tied up by their teacher, falsely stated that they disguised themselves with the stolen Moya ninja uniforms to lure the three brothers out, in order to cover up their own attempt to unmasking their teacher. Kakashi then advanced on the Moya Triad, and, ignoring their fearful begging for mercy, beat them up and left them tied up and hanging again on the barn house, all the while revealing that he did not remember who they are to begin with, much to their chagrin.

Blank Period

Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding

The Moya Triad were seen disguised at Tomiya Inn. They were welcoming Shikamaru Nara and Temari to the inn alongside Okami.


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