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Mujina Bandits
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Mujina Bandits (貉強盗団, Mujina Gōtōdan)
Manga Volume #3, Boruto Chapter #11
Anime Boruto Episode #141
Novel Shikamaru Shinden: A Cloud Dancing in Forlorn Falling Petals (Mentioned)
Appears in Anime, Manga, Novel
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The Mujina Bandits (貉強盗団, ムジナごうとうだん, Mujina Gōtōdan) are a group of missing-nin, from varying shinobi villages, all under the leadership of Shojoji.

Known Missions

Assassinate Kokuri (Anime only)
  • Status: Partial success

Shojoji took on the appearance of Tsukiyo to evade his own capture; was imprisoned in Hōzuki Castle where he found a deserter named Kokuri. To prevent him from revealing the organisation's secrets, Shojoji (under the guise of Tsukiyo) conspired with the head jailer Benga to assassinate Kokuri. Though Shojoji managed to kill Kokuri and took his form, he was forced to give all he knew of said secrets that lines up with a notebook that Kokuri gave to Boruto Uzumaki in order to maintain his disguise before escaping.

Break into Konoha's bank (Manga only)
  • Status: Failure

A three-man team was tasked with breaking into Konoha's bank and retrieving an item, however, before they could rendezvous with their leader, they were stopped by Team Konohamaru.

Holding the Fire Daimyō's son for ransom
  • Status: Failure

Shojoji assumes the form of the Fire Daimyō's servant in order to kidnap the Daimyō's son to hold him for a ransom of 500 million ryō and the release of all the prisoners in Hōzuki Castle; which served as an elaborate ploy for Shojoji to assume Tentō's form and usurp the Daimyō with his kinjutsu. Team Konohamaru once again thwarts their objectives, resulting in the imprisonment of the entire gang.

Known Members

  • Tsukiyo: the former second-in-command of the organisation. Sacrificed by Shojoji to infiltrate Hōzuki Castle. (Anime only) [1]
  • Kokuri: a former accountant who deserted the organisation after learning of its nature. Killed by Shojoji. (Anime only) [1]
  • A three-man cell was tasked with retrieving an item from Konoha's bank. (Manga only) [2]
  • Another member was seen spying on Tentō Madoka while corresponding with their boss Shojoji.[3]


  • Like fellow Boruto: Naruto Next Generations villains Shojoji and Tanuki Shigaraki, the name of the Mujina Bandits is a reference to shapeshifting yokai from Japanese folklore: the mujina, or "badger".
  • The anime replaces the Mujina Bandits bank robbers with three random thieves, who have no affiliation with the gang.
  • In the anime, the objective of the Mujina Bandits is expanded upon, with Shojoji revealing that by devouring Ikkyū Madoka, he can eventually reach a point where he can create a lawless world where people are free to commit heinous acts.


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