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Mujina Bandits
Mujina Bandits (貉強盗団, Mujina Gōtōdan)
Manga Volume #3, Boruto Chapter #11
Novel Shikamaru Shinden: A Cloud Dancing in Forlorn Falling Petals (Mentioned)
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The Mujina Bandits (貉強盗団, ムジナごうとうだん, Mujina Gōtōdan) are a group of missing-nin, from varying shinobi villages, all under the leadership of Shojoji.

Known Missions

Break into Konoha's bank.
  • Status: Failure

A three-man team was tasked with breaking into Konoha's bank and retrieving an item, however, before they could rendezvous with their leader, they were stopped by Team Konohamaru.

Known Members

  • A three-man cell was tasked with retrieving an item from Konoha's bank.[1]
  • Another member was seen spying on the Fire Daimyō's son while corresponding with their boss Shojoji.[2]



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