"My Story…!!" (オレの物語…!!, Ore no Monogatari…!!) is chapter 10 of the Boruto manga.


Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto look at the destroyed God Tree. Sasuke helps Naruto up. Naruto figures this was a victory for Sasuke, for being correct about the nature of shinobi. Boruto has a strange feeling. Naruto calls him so Sasuke can take them home. Boruto hears a voice talking to him, and turns around to see Momoshiki, who surmises Boruto has the blood of one with the Byakugan if he can perceive him. Boruto tries warning Naruto about him, but time has stopped for everyone else. Momoshiki paralyses Boruto and says that even with his power and his Byakugan, he can't foresee his own fate, but claims to see Boruto's clearly, saying his blue eyes will cost him everything, to be aware that once one defeats a god, they cease to be ordinary, and to keep walking the path. Momoshiki grabs Boruto's wrist as he fades away and time resumes. Sasuke appears to have perceived what transpired to some degree. Days later, Team Moegi discusses the great number of missions they've been receiving. While leaving Konoha, Gaara notices Shinki's pensiveness, and he tells them he's thinking about Boruto, and how someone he thinks little of went on and defeated such a powerful enemy. Kankurō jokes that Shinki was sidelined, which Gaara takes responsibility. Shinki denies that being the issue, certain that even if given permission to fight, he'd have lost to Momoshiki. Yodo is certain Shinki could defeat Boruto. Gaara tells them to focus on their own ninja path without worrying if others are going faster on their own. Boruto grinds at his video game, and asks his mother if she's fixed his jacket. Boruto leaves for a mission and wishes his father a good day at work. Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki watch Boruto's interviews from the Hokage Rock. Sarada chastises him for cheating before, and Boruto says he's already apologised for that. Mitsuki praises Boruto as son and grandson of Hokage. Sarada asks if he wants to become Hokage one day, but Boruto denies it, certain Sarada will be Hokage, and wishing to become one who protects the Hokage, like Sasuke is. Sarada is suddenly flustered by Boruto, and comments on his eyes being bluer than Naruto's. Boruto remembers Momoshiki's words about his eyes. Konohamaru arrives with information about their next mission. Boruto unwraps the bandages on his right hand, revealing a diamond-shaped mark. Boruto is determined to persevere whatever fate comes his way, because he is a ninja and goes to join his team.

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