The user applies their hand to the afflicted or wounded part of the body and sends chakra into it, accelerating the body's natural healing abilities. Although its most obvious use is as a way of treating external wounds, it can also be used for internal illnesses. Users must be careful to only use as much chakra as is needed for the specific injury. If too much chakra is sent into the body, this can disrupt the body's circulation, putting it into a comatose state.[2] Few medical-nin can actually use this technique;[1] when Sakura Haruno is learning how to use it, she's shown practising on a fish.[3]

Kabuto Yakushi has been shown using the Mystical Palm Technique from a short distance away, without directly touching the person he's healing.[4]


  • The "senjutsu" in this technique's name is unrelated to the senjutsu used elsewhere in the series. In this technique's case, it is a reference to the secret of immortality the legendary real-life sages allegedly had.
  • This technique is possibly derived from the real-life spiritual practice of Reiki, commonly known as palm- or hands-on-healing.
  • During the Kazekage Rescue Arc while Sakura had a poisoned sword lodged into her abdomen, she seemed to be using this technique without her hands.[5]

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