Nadeshiko Village
Nadeshiko village
Kanji 撫子の里
Rōmaji Nadeshiko no Sato
Village Data
Leader Former Leader of Nadeshiko Village, Shizuka
Symbol Nadeshiko Village Symbol

The Nadeshiko Village (撫子の里, Nadeshiko no Sato) is located near the Land of Water. The families of this village are organised through matrilineality. Women from this village must venture outside to find men strong enough to defeat them, resulting in them being taken to the village to marry the kunoichi they defeated.

The village itself is positioned upon the lightly forested top of three massive and steep hills standing in a line, with two bridges spanning the gorges between them. The hills are situated within a lush forested valley in a mountainous region. In terms of construction the village seems to be similar to a stronghold or palace, with numerous walls, towers and brickwork being dominant features.


  • The village's only women populace is similar to the fictional women of the amazon tribe, where a champion or when a female becomes of age, she finds a man she deems worthy and bears their child in the hopes of having a strong female heir.
  • Nadeshiko refers to the entire concept of Yamato Nadeshiko.

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