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ナガレ Nagare
Anime Naruto Episode #164
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Nagare (ナガレ, Nagare) and his partner Hokushin are members of the Watari Ninja.


Nagare is a very cautious individual, preferring to hide in safety and watch his opponents in combat.


Nagare has small black eyes and cheek length black hair. He has his bangs only down the middle of his forehead. He wears a weird hat on his head tied under his chin. He wears a beige-coloured tunic type sleeveless shirt buttoned together with a single button. It has a black collar. He wears black lower arm sleeves on each lower arm and a tan-coloured baggy pair of short pants held up with an white belt.


Nagare is a capable shinobi, being able to initially, albeit shortly, pressure an opponent such as Kakashi Hatake. While defeated, he also showed a high level of endurance, taking a Lightning Cutter to the chest and not succumbing to the injury immediately.


Nagare using Assimilation: Rock Blizzard on Kakashi.

Nagare is skilled in stealth. He is able to blend into his surroundings to hide from plain sight. He also created the Assimilate All Creation Technique, in which he is able to absorb the properties of any nearby object and manipulate it through his will alone. Nagare also seems proficient in the use of a tantō.

Nature Transformation

As seen with fight against Kakashi, Nagare took on the properties of stone. Not only was he able to manipulate the stone around him, but was able to turn into stone himself while producing large quantities from it. Also, by taking on the properties of stone, he was able to use the Assimilation: Rock Blizzard to use stones as projectiles, and the Assimilation: Rock Tank to expand using stone and crush the opponent while rolling with great force. He could also control rock powder similarly to Gaara's sand, engulfing the opponent with rock powder by using Assimilation: Sand Binding Coffin and crushing them with Assimilation: Sand Waterfall Funeral.

Part I

Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission

He eventually fought against Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi, knowing Nagare's weakness, faces him. By using his Sharingan, Kakashi was able to see Nagare's chakra emanating from a rock, the location of his real body, and uses Lightning Cutter to destroy it. After a fierce battle, he is defeated, but not killed by Kakashi.


  • "Nagare" () means "flow".
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