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ナホ Naho
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #196
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Sex Gender Female Female

Naho (ナホ, Naho) is a relative of the Fire Daimyō.


Naho is a young and kind girl. She had an infatuation with Sasuke Uchiha after he saved her life but later after seeing Sasuke continue to beat the already defeated Sadai she became scared of him.


Naho has long brown hair that she keeps in two big circular shaped parts on top and her bang hang down the sides of her face; she has light-brown eyes. She also has polka-dot eyebrows. She wears a small gold-coloured crown on her head and she also has a red cloth on her head that hangs down the sides of her head. Naho wears a light green and white haori with a light green sash, a white puffy long sleeved shirt with pink wristbands beneath, and a pink skirt with tannish brown shinobi sandals with circular bands around her ankles.

Part II

Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha

While she was playing with her ball, she dropped it and it then started to roll away. She tried to catch it, but she slipped off a cliff. Sasuke Uchiha managed to save her and like many before her, she also seems to have an infatuation with Sasuke. Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno were assigned by Tsunade to escort her to Shizume village. She rejected saying that she wanted Sasuke to be her bodyguard. They started their journey with Naruto transformed as Sasuke in order to fool her. They encountered an enemy with an impenetrable body. After a fight with the criminal and other ninja, the criminal quickly defeats Naruto and Sakura and captured the three. Later that night, Sasuke locates the three and battles the criminal and he eventually defeated him with Chidori, but continued to beat him. Naho noted Sasuke's coldness and became scared of him; however Naruto said that she should forgive him because Sasuke is really a good person, and that he will bring him to her as soon as he becomes his former self.

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