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ナン Nan
Anime Naruto Episode #214
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Male Male
  • Village Leader

Nan (ナン, Nan) is the leader of a small village in the Land of Sound.


He has dark eyes and brown hair that he keeps under a bandanna with the exception for two bangs in the front. He wears a simple sleeveless shirt, a pair of pants and sandals.

Part I

Menma Memory Search Mission

When Naruto, Tenten, Neji and Menma arrive in his village, he and a few other villagers believing them to be part of a group of bandits that had been terrorising their village. After the shinobi prove who they are, he tells them that if they had no business there, then they should hurry and leave. After his sister, Ran request that they get rid of the shinobi that were tormenting them and their village, he tells her not to bother with such things as there was no such thing as a good shinobi and after showing them the sea of graves told them to leave the village.

However Naruto and Menma were set on helping the village in any way possible and while they worked to create a defensive front for the village, he confronted them once again, telling them that he told them to leave. They refused however. After the Shiin clan attacks the village once again but is unsuccessful this time because of the presence of the shinobi, he offered to look at the wound Menma had sustained during the encounter. Upon seeing a tattoo on Menma's arm that marked him as a member of the same clan that had terrorised them. After Neji explains that Menma had lost his memory and when it returned they would hand him over to them, he treats Menma's wounds. After Menma sacrifices his own life to save the village, he expresses his regret of not being able to apologise for misjudging him.

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