"Naruto's Clever Scheme!!" (ナルトの奇策!!, Naruto no Kisaku!!) is chapter 77 of the original Naruto manga.


Thinking he has made a mistake, Kiba attacks the second Kiba, assuming it is Naruto in disguise but it turned out to be the real Akamaru. When Kiba attacks Naruto, the first look-a-like, Naruto turns himself into Akamaru to turn them against each other. With Akamaru incapacitated, Naruto prepares to finish the battle. Kiba quickly appears behind Naruto in an effort to gain revenge but Naruto farts. With his heightened sense of smell, Kiba is disoriented, leaving him open for the Naruto Uzumaki Combo. Naruto is declared the winner, shocking all of his former classmates who, like Kiba, used to think he was an untalented idiot.

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