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Naruto's Homecoming!!
(ナルトの帰郷!!, Naruto no Kikyō!!)
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Volume 28 (Read Online)
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Pages 192
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Japanese June 3, 2005 ISBN (978-4-08-873828-4) Icon - Search
English March 4, 2008 ISBN (978-1-4215-1864-0) Icon - Search

Naruto's Homecoming!! (ナルトの帰郷!!, Naruto no Kikyō!!) is volume 28 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 245

"Naruto's Homecoming!!" (ナルトの帰郷!!, Naruto no Kikyō!!)

After two-and-a-half years of training, Naruto returns to Konoha. Kakashi greets him soon after his arrival and receives Icha Icha Tactics as a gift from Naruto, the only book Jiraiya has had time to write these past few years. Jiraiya leaves Naruto's training up to Kakashi once again while he goes to investigate Akatsuki. Naruto also runs into Sakura and Konohamaru soon after getting back. Konohamaru demonstrates his Sexy Technique, which Naruto is unimpressed with, claiming to have invented even more perverted techniques. Sakura demonstrates the monstrous strength gained from training with Tsunade by hitting Naruto in disgust. Naruto and Sakura reform Team 7 under Kakashi's leadership, who suggests they have a bell test just like they did when the team was first formed years ago.

Chapter 246

"The Pair's Growth!!" (二人の成長!!, Futari no Seichō!!)

Naruto and Sakura must once again take one of two bells from Kakashi. Since there are only two of them this time (a fact that devastates Naruto and Sakura), there are no underlying lessons of teamwork. Because Naruto and Sakura are no longer fresh genin, Kakashi does not read his new Icha Icha Tactics book and immediately uncovers his Sharingan. Naruto once again attacks before being given permission, though he is not as easily subdued by Kakashi this time. The contest continues into the night but Naruto and Sakura cannot get close enough to Kakashi. Naruto opts for a trick; he threatens to spoil the ending of Icha Icha Tactics, forcing Kakashi to shut his ears to avoid hearing it and his eyes to avoid reading Naruto's lips. This creates an opening for Naruto and Sakura to take a bell.

Chapter 247

"Intruders in Suna" (砂への侵入者たち, Suna e no Shinnyūsha-Tachi)

Sakura takes Naruto for a tour of Konoha to reacquaint him with the village. They run into Shikamaru escorting Temari from the village, the two working together in anticipation of the next Chūnin Exams. They inform Naruto that he is the only member of their group to still be a genin, everyone else now either a chūnin or, in some cases, a jōnin, and Gaara has become the Fifth Kazekage. In Sunagakure, Gaara has a meeting with the village's council as they discuss rumours of an impeding Akatsuki attack. Yūra begins acting peculiar following the meeting just as cloaked individuals approach the village. He eliminates Sunagakure's border guards to grant the Sasori and Deidara passage. Sasori is glad to see Yūra has remained a loyal sleeper agent, and Deidara prepares to capture Gaara for the tailed beast sealed within him.

Chapter 248

"Suna's Welcome Attack…!!" (迎えうつ砂…!!, Mukaeutsu Suna…!!)

Deidara, riding a clay bird, eliminates Sunagakure's scouts keeping and eye out for him or other Akatsuki personnel. When he infiltrates the village he is immediately confronted by Gaara, who knew that the bird was not a native of the area. Gaara wastes no time in attacking Deidara, dedicating great volumes of sand to try and crush him. Deidara's attempts at counterattacks are ineffective since Gaara's Shield of Sand protects him from all incoming attacks. Although he is initially successful at avoiding Gaara, Deidara's left arm is ultimately crushed by Gaaras' sand.

Chapter 249

"As Kazekage…!!" (風影として…!!, Kazekage Toshite…!!)

While freeing himself from Gaara's sand, Deidara notices that Gaara seems to have two sand sources: the sand of the desert surrounding them and a special kind used for defence and precision attacks. The Sunagakure villagers watch the battle from the ground below, Kankurō remembering Gaara's desire to protect the village and its inhabitants with his life. The villagers, no longer fearing Gaara as they once did, encourage him to defeat his opponent. Taking advantage of their presence, Deidara drops a C3 explosive on the village. Gaara shields the village from the explosion but, in his preoccupation, is almost hit by one of Deidara's clay explosives. His Shield of Sand blocks it in time, but Gaara finds that Deidara has managed to hide explosives in this special sand. After they detonate, Gaara uses the last of his energy to make sure that the sand from their battle should not fall on the entire village before Deidara captures him.

Chapter 250

"New Team, First Mission!!" (新チーム、初任務!!, Shin Chīmu, Hatsuninmu!!)

Deidara takes Gaara's unconscious body and flies off. Kankurō follows him while the other Sunagakure forces regroup and send word to Konoha of what has happened. Soon after Deidara reunites with Sasori they are confronted by Kankurō, who is determined to save his brother. He brings out his three puppets, but Sasori has no difficulty blocking his first attack. In Konoha, Naruto argues with Tsunade over what kind of mission the reformed Team 7 should go on. When they hear of Gaara's kidnapping, Tsunade immediately assigns them to go to Sunagakure to assist in the rescue of the Kazekage.

Chapter 251

"To Suna…!!" (砂へ…!!, Suna e…!!)

Kankurō has been defeated, his puppets destroyed. He makes one last attempt to strike Sasori; however, having created the puppets years ago, Sasori easily stops Kankurō. Having managed to poison Kankurō during the battle, Sasori leaves with Deidara, knowing Kankurō will die in three days' time. Kankurō loses consciousness and is collected by Sunagakure forces sent to provide backup. Suna's medical-nin can't cure him, but are able to learn that Kankurō's injuries were Sasori's doing. In Konoha, Team 7 prepares to depart. Jiraiya speaks with Naruto before he leaves, reminding him not to use that technique. As they head to Suna they encounter Temari, also on her way back to Suna.

Chapter 252

"Feelings, Running Wild…!!" (想い、駆ける…!!, Omoi, Kakeru…!!)

Team 7 informs Temari that Gaara has been kidnapped by Akatsuki, so she joins them in rushing back to Sunagakure. Naruto voices his disgust with Akatsuki for pursuing both Gaara and himself because they are jinchūriki, a horrible punishment for those who have been ostracised by others for their whole lives. Temari is glad that Naruto at least can relate to her little brother. Sakura also notes that Itachi, who Sasuke joined Orochimaru in order to kill, is part of Akatsuki. She concludes that stopping Akatsuki is in the best interest of both Naruto and Sasuke. In Sunagakure, Baki tries to get Chiyo to cure the poisoned Kankurō. She has no interest until she discovers that the one who poisoned Kankurō was Sasori, her grandson.

Chapter 253

"Reliable Reinforcements…!!" (頼れる加勢…!!, Tayoreru Kasei…!!)

Despite her best efforts, Chiyo can do nothing to help Kankurō. She suggests that only Tsunade would be able to counteract Sasori's poison. Team 7 and Temari arrive in Sunagakure shortly afterwards and are informed of Kankurō's condition. Temari goes to see him and Sakura, Tsunade's disciple, offers to cure him. She removes the poison from his body and asks Chiyo to help her find ingredients for an antidote. Tsunade, meanwhile, is concerned that Team 7 may have difficulties with rescuing Gaara so sends Team Guy as backup.

Author's Note

Uh... Oh! Right! I wanted to let you all know that with this volume begins Part II, so I look forward to your patronage. To those who have not yet read Part I, please read from volume 1. Then again, feel free to read it from the middle as well... (laughs).

Masashi Kishimoto, 2005

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