Chapter 013 color

The Colour Edition of chapter 13's cover.

Naruto: Colour Edition (NARUTO -ナルト- カラー版, Naruto Karā-han) is a colourised digital re-release of the manga by Shueisha. The first volumes were released in June 2012 with the final volume of the original manga released in August 2015.

To promote the project, colourised versions of chapters 638, 676, 678, and 693-699 were included for free with the digital editions of the corresponding Weekly Shōnen Jump issues.

Colourisation was handled by Artra Entertainment, a studio that specializes in digital manga colourization and manga illustration support services.

Starter Books[]

Shueisha released three digital Naruto Starter Books for free in April 2014 to showcase the Colour Edition project and to give new readers different starting points for the series.

Starter Book 1
Starter Book 2
Starter Book 3