Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō
Naruto: Tree Leaf Book of Ninja Arts (ナルト-木ノ葉忍法帖, Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō)
Video game info
Playable on WonderSwan Color
Release Date
Japanese March 27, 2003

Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō was the first Naruto game, released on March 27, 2003 in Japan. It was the only Naruto game to appear on the Bandai handheld console - WonderSwan Colour. This Role-Playing Game has little to no chance of localisation to North America, because the WonderSwan Colour was never released outside of Japan.


The game is a RPG where the player selects Seals in a Scroll to use as commands. There is a total of 32 seals (96 counting the three playable character) in the story and 14 exclusive to multiplayer matches, but each character can have only 12 seals on their scroll at a time, having to select which one is to be used in the pause menu when it becomes full. In battles, five of these seals appear randomly, being replaced by other seal from the scroll after usage.

Seals and techniques are divided in four categories: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Others. When defending, a Ninjutsu seal can avoid a Genjutsu technique, Genjutsu avoids Taijutsu, and Taijutsu avoids Ninjutsu. The character's level depends of the level of each of his seals. The more a seal is used, the better the character will be with it, levelling it up. By charging chakra with the 印 or 練 seals or skipping a turn, two or more seals can be combined to form stronger techniques. For example, combining 火 with 強 will result in the Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique, a stronger fire technique. 火 and 数 results in Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique, which hits all opponents. 火, 強, and 数 results in Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, which is both powerful and hits all opponents. Some combinations are exclusive to specific characters, like Naruto being the only one able to use Sexy Technique with 疲 and 変.

Seal Technique Type Details
(Fire Release Technique)
Ninjutsu Basic fire attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 炎 seal.
(Water Release Technique)
Ninjutsu Basic water attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 渦 seal.
(Earth Release Technique)
Ninjutsu Basic earth attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 地 seal.
(Wind Release Technique)
Ninjutsu Basic wind attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 嵐 seal.
(Lightning Release Technique)
Ninjutsu Basic lightning attack. When it reaches level 10, it is upgraded into a level 1 轟 seal.
(Body Replacement Technique)
Ninjutsu Can only be used to avoid attacks or in combinations. Is able to avoid Ninjutsu and Taijutsu.
(Shadow Clone Technique)
Ninjutsu Creates a clone of the user to help in the battle, giving a numeric advantage. The clone vanishes when hit.
? Ninjutsu Big Stamina recovery
(Sexy Technique)
Ninjutsu Multiplayer only.
(Summoning Technique)
Ninjutsu Multiplayer only. Summons a toad to attack.
(Mystical Palm Technique)
Ninjutsu Multiplayer only. Recovers Stamina.
Ninjutsu Multiplayer only.
Genjutsu Temporarily makes the opponent see the own seals as "?" seals, being unable to know what each does.
(Demonic Illusion: Read Through Seal Technique)
Genjutsu Temporarily makes the seals in the target's scroll visible.
(Demonic Illusion: Battered Soul Technique)
Genjutsu The target loses accumulated chakra.
Genjutsu Temporarily reduces the target's speed.
(Demonic Illusion: Forgetting Seal Technique)
Genjutsu In the target's next turn, one seal is randomly removed from the scroll.
(Demonic Illusion: Single Seal Bind Technique)
Genjutsu The target is temporarily unable to use one random seal.
(Demonic Illusion: Binding Chain Technique)
Genjutsu The target is temporarily unable to do any action.
Genjutsu Shuffles the user's seals.
Genjutsu Multiplayer only.
Genjutsu Multiplayer only.
(Fist Attack)
Taijutsu A simple punch attack.
(Kick Attack)
Taijutsu A kick attack.
(Shuriken Attack)
Taijutsu Attacks by throwing shurikens.
? Taijutsu Increases the user's attack power.
? Taijutsu Increases the user's defence.
? Taijutsu ?
? Taijutsu Increases the user's agility.
(Hiding Oneself Technique)
Taijutsu The user hides, becoming immune to damage for a few turns.
(One Thousand Years of Death)
Taijutsu Multiplayer only.
(Leaf Gale)
Taijutsu Multiplayer only.
(Front Lotus)
Taijutsu Multiplayer only.
? ? Taijutsu Multiplayer only.
Others Charges one point of Chakra.
練 (Knead) Others Charges Chakra, the amount depending on the level.
(Seal of Cooperation)
Others ?
(Strength Attribute Addition)
Others Can only be used in combinations. Makes the combined seals stronger.
(Multiple Attribute Addition)
Others Can only be used in combinations. Makes the combined seals hit multiple targets.
(Recovery: Healing)
Others Big Stamina recovery.
(Recovery: Medicine)
Others Medium Stamina recovery.
(Recovery: Herb)
Others Small Stamina recovery.
? Others Multiplayer only.
? Others Multiplayer only.
? Others Multiplayer only.
? Others Multiplayer only.

Plot Overview

The game follows the Prologue — Land of Waves arc, but with extra missions taken by Team 7. After Kakashi's training, the player must select what missions Team 7 will take. It is possible to fail in some of the missions, including the mission to find Tora.

During the extra missions, Konohamaru will cause trouble and it is believed Naruto is the culprit. After catching Konohamaru, it is discovered that Mizuki escaped and, alongside some Missing-nins, attempt a theft, but are stopped by Teams 7, 8 and 10.

After completing most missions, Teams 7, 8, 10 and Team Guy go to the beach to train their students, having them fight each other. After the last mission, Team 7 is given the mission to escort Tazuna to the Land of Waves.


Playable Characters

Other Characters

Game Exclusive Characters

  • Hashira (ハシラ) - A councillor that gives a mission to Team 7.
  • Himuro (ヒムロ) - A young man that Sakura finds pretty.
  • Princess Hotaru (ホタル姫) - Under the name Kisago (キサゴ), the young princess requested to be taken around Konoha, Team 7 taking the mission to escort her.
  • Old Man (爺) - Hotaru's grandfather. Is fought by Sakura.
  • Kawara (カワラ) - An important young boy that Team 7 must entertain.
  • Shikii (シキイ) - Kawara's protector. Is fought twice during the mission.
  • Kizuchi (キヅチ) and Yasuri (ヤスリ) - Two elders that train Teams 7 and 8 in the Konoha forest.
  • Shizuku (シズク) - A person fought in the last mission before escorting Tazuna.
  • Nanpa Men (ナンパ男) and Henchmen (手下) - Several bald men resembling one of the members from the Gatō Company that appear as common enemies. Nanpa Men attempt to flirt with Kisago and later attack Team 7. Henchmen are Gatō's thugs. They appear with yellow (weaker), blue, and red (stronger) clothes.
  • Konoha Missing-nins (木ノ葉抜忍) - Missing-nins from Konoha that appear as stronger common enemies. They work with Mizuki and Gatō.
  • Wild Cats (山猫) - Two cats resembling Tora that attacked Naruto in one mission. They also appear as random enemies alongside White Rabbits in the mission to find Tora.
  • Pond Carps (池の鯉) - Several fishes fought by Team 7 to entertain Kawara. They can use the Clone Technique and recover their health. The player must defeat all of them in a certain amount of turns.

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