Naruto: The Broken Bond
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Playable on Xbox 360
Previous Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
Release Date
English November 18, 2008
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Naruto: The Broken Bond is an adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for the Xbox 360.


The Broken Bond picks up where Naruto: Rise of a Ninja left off, taking place between episodes 81-135 of the anime. It contains the Return of Itachi, Search for Tsunade, Land of Tea, and the Sasuke Retrieval story arcs. There are 30 playable characters, a new tag-team system and original voice acting and music from the original Naruto anime.


A screenshot from the game Naruto (Nine-Tailed Demon Fox) vs. Sasuke (Cursed Seal of Heaven) (Valley of the End 3D).

The game was first revealed at the E3 2008 Convention, although work on it had started before the release of the first game. According to team member Masao Kobayashi, the developers wanted to bring something new to the franchise but still keeping the same feel of the anime that the first game had. The art direction of the sequel was definitely one of the biggest factors taken into consideration for the development of this new game.[1]

The environments were a big part of the first game and one of the things they wanted to make sure was that the environments in The Broken Bond would support the exploration factor by being very “rich and dense.”[1] The lighting of the game was improved to complement the dynamic story, adding a new casting system, allowing the creation of maps with a more watercolour feel. Unlike the previous game, where the cutscenes were 2D, The Broken Bond now has 3D cinematics. There are also a lot more NPCs. Within the adventure mode, there are now over 70 unique character models.[1]

The developers for The Broken Bond have also decided to keep the multiplayer system like Rise of a Ninja, but have improved upon it in several ways. The online format has been overhauled with a new ranking system, the fighting system has been greatly tweaked, and there are now 30 characters to choose from, 28 different characters and 2 bonus variations of Naruto and Sasuke.[2]


In story mode you can play as ten characters: Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Chōji, Rock Lee, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Neji. The following 30 characters are available for single and multiplayer VS combat:


  • Third Hokage vs. Orochimaru
  • Third Hokage vs. First Hokage and Second Hokage
  • Third Hokage vs. Orochimaru, First Hokage and Second Hokage
  • Naruto vs. Shikamaru
  • Naruto and Shikamaru vs. Emi's Brother
  • Naruto vs. Kisame
  • Sasuke vs. Itachi
  • Naruto vs. Kiba
  • Jiraiya and Tsunade vs. Orochimaru
  • Naruto vs. Kabuto
  • Gamabunta and Katsuyu vs. Manda
  • Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura vs. Kagari
  • Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura vs. Oboro
  • Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura vs. Mubi
  • Sasuke vs. Aoi
  • Naruto vs. Aoi
  • Sasuke vs. Naruto
  • Sasuke vs. Jirōbō
  • Sasuke vs. Kidōmaru and Tayuya
  • Sasuke vs. Sakon and Ukon, Kidomaru and Tayuya
  • Chōji vs. Jirōbō
  • Chōji vs. Jirōbō
  • Neji vs. Kidōmaru
  • Neji vs. Kidōmaru
  • Kiba vs. Sakon and Ukon
  • Kiba and Akamaru vs. Sakon and Ukon
  • Shikamaru vs. Tayuya
  • Shikamaru vs. Tayuya
  • Naruto vs. Kimimaro
  • Rock Lee and Naruto vs. Kimimaro
  • Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro
  • Naruto vs. Sasuke
  • Naruto vs. Sasuke
  • Naruto (One-Tailed Fox form) vs. Sasuke
  • Naruto (One-Tailed Fox form) vs. Sasuke (Second State Curse Mark form)



Achievements Condition Gamerscore
King of the iron fist Win a fight using a killer combo. 5G
Solo champion Win a tournament in solo mode. 25G
Team champion Win a tournament in tag fighting. 25G
Untouchable Win a fight without losing any health 20G
Naruto's creed Complete all of the bounty hunter missions. 25G
Card Collector Find all of the ninja cards. 40G
Delivery boy Complete all delivery missions with Shikamaru. 10G
World's fastest ninja Win all of the gold medals in the Tree Action Sequences. 15G
Fisherman Win a gold medal in any fishing game. 15G
Gifted eye Complete all hide and seek missions with Neji. 15G
Gold collector Collect 50% of the gold coins. 35G
Gold digger Collect all of the gold coins. 50G
Legendary fisherman Win all of the fishing gold medals. 25G
My taijutsu coach Learn all of the combos in the Dojo. 20G
Naruto Raving Ninja Win all of the gold medals in the Tanzaku festival games. 25G
Pervy Nation Make all of the Lovelorn Villagers happy by performing the sexy jutsu. 20G
The last chip is the best Complete all gathering missions with Chōji. 20G
Top dog Complete all races with Kiba. 20G
Way of the tree Win a gold medal in a Tree Action Sequence. 20G
Academy Graduate Reach the Graduate rank online 15G
Chunin Reach the Chunin rank online 20G
Don't be shy Play a match online 5G
Genin Reach the Genin rank online 15G
Hokage Reach the Hokage rank online 0G
Jonin Reach the Jonin rank online 30G
Save the trees Win an online match without performing a substitution 15G

Secret Achievements

Tsukuyomi: Anbu Itachi unlocked Complete Sasuke's Labyrinth 30G
The Last Stand Keep Orochimaru from destroying the Leaf Village 30G
Green beast: Rock Lee unlocked Defeat Kimimaro as Rock Lee 20G
Red Sand: Gaara unlocked Defeat Gaara 20G
Broken Bones: Kimimaro unlocked Complete the Naruto vs. Kimimaro fight 20G
Special Someone: Temari unlocked Complete the fight against Tayuya 20G
Guy's Fan: Green Suit unlocked Complete Guy Sensei's quest 25G
Pervy Sage Arrive at the Hot Springs Resort with Jiraiya 30G
Twisted fight: Tayuya unlocked Complete the fight against Sakon 20G
Deadly web: Kidomaru unlocked Defeat Kidomaru 20G
Rock and Roll: Jirobo unlocked Complete the fight against Jirobo 20G
New Hokage: Tsunade unlocked Tsunade is the new Hokage 20G
Mad Scientist: Kabuto unlocked Defeat Kabuto 20G
Brothers: Itachi unlocked Complete the Itachi fight 20G
Lone Shark: Kisame unlocked Survive the Kisame fight. 20G
Hell twins: Sakon unlocked Defeat the Sound Four as Sasuke. 20G
Nine Tails: Fox Naruto unlocked Transform into Fox Naruto 60G
Broken Bond: New Sasuke unlocked Complete the fight against Sasuke. 35G
Path of darkness Visit Sasuke secret room 10G
Seed of evil Visit Orochimaru secret lair 10G


It has a Metacritic score of 80/100 and has been generally well received by critics.


  • Although the First and Second Hokage have character models, they are not playable.
  • The player can fight Might Guy in his dōjō, but he is not playable.
  • Jiraiya cannot use the Rasengan in battle, but uses it in Story Mode. He uses it when he was teaching Naruto and when he fought off Gantetsu and Chōseki in Tanzaku Town.
  • Aoi has a character model, but is not playable in VS Mode.
  • Sasuke has extra costumes in Story Mode (i.e, his hospital costume and his original costume with no forehead protector.) but they are not usable in VS Mode.
  • Sasuke's Chūnin Exams costume is available as DLC.
  • Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Chōji, Kiba, Neji, and Guy have extra costumes in Story Mode (i.e., their funeral costumes) but they are not usable in VS Mode.
  • The game possesses quite a few glitches and bugs in its animations, as well as inconsistent levels of hitstun across attacks mid-combos/strings (which causes them to not connect with each other well).
  • This game, along with it's predecessor, Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, are not made in Japan, but instead made in Canada.

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