Naruto: The Cross Roads
Naruto The Cross Roads
(ザ・クロスローズ, Za Kurosurōzu)
Release Date
Japanese December 19, 2009

Naruto: The Cross Roads (ザ・クロスローズ, Za Kurosurōzu) is the sixth Naruto OVA. It uses the same CGI graphics as Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and was released during Naruto: Shippūden. This OVA premièred at the Jump Festa Anime Tour 2009.


Between the Prologue — Land of Waves and Chūnin Exams arcs, Team 7 is waiting for Kakashi, who is late again, to start a new mission (B-ranked as Sasuke states). The team sets off while Kakashi explains that Genmai from the Inaho Village is missing, who has vanished in the hills. While doing reconnaissance, Kakashi Hatake finds Genmai, who is being attacked by a dog, but gets stuck in a trap. The rest of the team got ambushed by a group of missing-nin and their leader, Kajika, who have orders from Orochimaru to test Sasuke's strength and abilities. While Yamame attacks Sasuke and Iwana attacks Naruto, Sakura is kidnapped by Kajika. Naruto and Sasuke then go in pursuit, with Sasuke rather waiting for Kakashi to get back, but Naruto doesn't want to lose sight of Sakura. The following conversation between the missing-nin shows that their true purpose is testing Sasuke's strength for Orochimaru. An unseen fight takes place between Yamame, Iwana, Naruto and Sasuke, in which Naruto and Sasuke get the upper-hand and win. Disguised, they go to Kajika, only to be soon detected to be imposters. Feeling Kajika is far more skilled in both ninjutsu and taijutsu than they are, Sasuke begins to doubt whether victory is possible. When the two finally start working together, using Sasuke's Sharingan to see Kajika's chakra and Naruto's attacks, they misguide Kajika in thinking they are just attacking him with kunai, while they where actually setting up a trap with wire strings, capturing him. Kajika hears Orochimaru's voice, telling him he served his purpose and then begins to talk to Sasuke. After Orochimaru releases Kajika from his control, his body explodes, resulting his death. Elsewhere, he and Kabuto discuss about Sasuke. Team 7 returns Genmai to his son.

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