Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Online
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Series Naruto: Ultimate Ninja
Release Date
Japanese April 14, 2013
English July 20, 2015
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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Online is a free MMORPG browser game made by Namco Bandai Games and Cyberconnect2 with collaboration from Chinese Internet company Tencent Games. The production is led by Masashi Kishimoto and under supervision by the production committee of Shueisha, TV-Tokyo and Studio Pierrot.

The game's background and characters will be depicted in 2D, with elaborate character animation. The early part of the game will be based on the earlier parts of the Naruto story (少年篇) and followed by the main story development, focusing on the various characters' development and growth. There are also plans to continue with episodes from the "Shippūden". Using the MMORPG way to interpret the world of Naruto that gamers are familiar with and experience the process and growth of their favourite characters while alongside in battle.

Demo Version


In the demo version at Chinajoy, only 50% of the system development progress has been prepared. The game system might also change in the future.


Battle System

Here, the game has a simple navigation of controlling Naruto in the game field, triggering an encounter system and subsequently fighting enemies. With the combination of party members and formation in a turn-based battle, Naruto is set.


"Chakra" exists as the key in a battle and a gauge is displayed at the bottom of the screen during combat, which rises when damage is received. As you accumulate chakra, you will be able to use the skills of each character. A necessary amount of chakra will be used depending on various skills. Therefore, it's a tactic of deciding whose skills and when to use it that makes the game interesting. For example, for Sakura, a small amount of chakra can heal the entire party. For Rock Lee, a huge amount of chakra is needed to deal great damage to the enemy.

Cut-In Scenes

The climax of the demo debuts when Gaara summons Shukaku. A cut-in movie will play where Naruto summons Gamabunta. Things get interesting as the giant monsters appear and closes when Naruto manages to stop Gaara. Rich content like movie cut-in scenes are used for this browser game.

Beta Test Release

The title was unveiled at Chinajoy 2013, an annual digital entertainment expo in Shanghai. The Chinese global Beta Test version is officially released as "火影忍者 ONLINE" on 5th December 2013 at 11:00 a.m. However, to complete a questionnaire issued by the website, in order to obtain an activation code for the Beta qualification, a "QQ account" is required. The test is currently closed. No outside releases have been announced.


Currently, the game now has room for five playable original characters that hail from Konohagakure, each with different nature transformation. These characters were personally customised by Masashi Kishimoto.


  • In this game, Zetsu is mistakenly identified as a ninja of Kusagakure.

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