"Naruto and Sasuke 3" (ナルトとサスケ③, Naruto to Sasuke 3) is chapter 696 of the original Naruto manga.


Remembering Sasuke's words during their first fight at the Valley of the End about two high class shinobi being able to convey their feelings through their fists, Naruto tries to convince Sasuke to cease fighting, but Sasuke is adamant to kill Naruto. Naruto then questions how Sasuke's revolution will guarantee that the shinobi world does not turn out the same as before to which Sasuke claims he will watch over it eternally as his reincarnations. Sasuke is under the notion that because the threat is gone, the Five Great Shinobi Countries will turn against each other again despite Naruto telling him that the nations had changed. Sasuke summons the satellites he encased each of the tailed beasts in, and begins channelling chakra from each one into his Susanoo. Self-proclaiming to be the strongest person in the world, his Susanoo begins to change into a more humanoid form, while Naruto creates three shadow clones of his Tailed Beast Mode. Sasuke easily deflects the first attack sending one of the clones plummeting to the ground. As Sasuke prepares to charge another arrow, Naruto fuses the two remaining clones into a single, three-headed, six-armed avatar. All the while the clones below gathered natural energy. With both combatants ready to fire, Naruto tells to himself that he always wanted to beat Sasuke in the past, but not the Sasuke that exists now, before he and Sasuke exchange attacks again.


  • A Naruto: Colour Edition version of this chapter was included with the digital release of Weekly Shōnen Jump 2014 #47.

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