"Naruto and Sasuke 5" (ナルトとサスケ⑤, Naruto to Sasuke 5) is chapter 698 of the original Naruto manga.


As Sasuke is about to finish off Naruto with his Chidori, Naruto is able to counter with a punch, sending Sasuke reeling into the mountain side. While Kurama speaks with Naruto, assessing the situation and their next move, Sasuke creates a Chidori enhanced with black flames, and Naruto responds by forming a Rasengan. Both their attacks collide with each other, resulting in the valley almost entirely being destroyed. Entirely out of chakra and pained all over, they both fall to the ground next to each other and converse about their past. The duo pass out at some point, and after regaining consciousness the next morning, Sasuke questions Naruto as to why he never severed bonds with him and remembering his time with Naruto while on Team 7. He also reveals that he was always the one envious of Naruto and says he is much like his older brother. The decisive battle concludes with the Uchiha accepting defeat. As as the two friends seemingly finally reconcile, it is revealed that both their dominant arms were destroyed in their last clash and the blood-loss formed what look like hands holding one another.


  • During Sasuke and Naruto's final clash, the Uchiha emblem on Sasuke's back is absent.
  • A Naruto: Colour Edition version of this chapter was included with the digital release of Weekly Shōnen Jump 2014 #49.
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