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Naruto and the Sage of Six Paths…!!
(ナルトと六道仙人…!!, Naruto to Rikudō Sennin…!!)
Volume Info
Previous The Beginning of the Crimson Spring
Volume 70
Next I Love You
Pages 208
Release Date
Japanese August 4, 2014 (ISBN 978-4-08-880151-3)
English June 2, 2015 (ISBN 978-1-4215-7975-7)
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Naruto and the Sage of Six Paths…!! (ナルトと六道仙人…!!, Naruto to Rikudō Sennin…!!) is volume 70 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 669

"Eight Gates Released Formation…!!" (八門遁甲の陣…!!, Hachimon Tonkō no Jin…!!)

Launching his attack on Madara, Guy's Evening Elephant sends the Uchiha plummeting to the ground, leaving a deep crater in its wake. Guy, however, stops right after the first punch due to the pain, but soon grows accustomed to the pain and restarts the attack. Madara accepts Guy's challenge noting, however, that he should avoid any more hits like those. Lee, Minato, Kakashi, and Gaara decide to support their comrade by disabling the black substance Madara used.

With Lee opening the Sixth Gate, their strategy succeeds and they are able to warp away the black orbs and create an opening for the five steps of Guy's Evening Elephant. Still, Madara manages to get up after being pummelled into the ground, stating that he hadn't felt such excitement since his fight against Hashirama. Meanwhile, Naruto finally opens his eyes.

Chapter 670

"The Incipient…!!" (始まりのもの…!!, Hajimari no Mono…!!)

Opening his eyes, Naruto is greeted by an unfamiliar person floating above him. Initially believing that he was dead, Naruto soon becomes preoccupied with leaving in order to re-enter the battle. Adding further to his confusion, the young man is unable to comprehend what the stranger is trying to say to him. As a result the latter constantly changes his dialect before finally speaking in a manner that Naruto can understand. With this, the elder reveals himself as none other than the Sage of Six Paths: Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki.

Awed but still confused, Naruto listens intently as the Sage regaled the story of how his mother Kaguya had consumed the fruit of the Shinju, how he and his brother had fought the beast to redeem their mother, and how he eventually split up that power. He went on to tell Naruto of how he came to father two children of his own: his first born Indra Ōtsutsuki who was hailed as a solitary genius, and Asura Ōtsutsuki who was initially discarded as no good. Because of this Asura came to rely upon the power of cooperation from others to achieve anything before finally coming into his own power through gruelling hard work. Reconciling with his youngest son's ideals, the Sage left Asura to inherit the world to make it a better place. The Sage explained that like himself, his sons' chakra had transmigrated through time and had constantly been reincarnated into new hosts — most recently with Asura inhabiting Naruto.

Chapter 671

"Naruto and the Sage of Six Paths…!!" (ナルトと六道仙人…!!, Naruto to Rikudō Sennin…!!)

Informing the unpurturbed Naruto that his son Asura's will was reincarnated into him, Hagoromo also notes that Sasuke had inherited Indra's will as well. The Sage goes on to explain how Hashirama and Madara were the previous inheritors and explained how the latter had acquired his own power after integrating Hashirama's cells into himself inadvertently mixing Asura and Indra's chakra.

Delving deeper, he tells Naruto how his mother Kaguya had wielded such power far exceeding that of any human that people came to fear her as a demon who ruled over them with two fearsome dōjutsu — something he saw happening with Madara who was attempting to attain the power of the Ten-Tails to achieve power akin to that of Kaguya and Hagoromo. Stating that for too long he had been a bystander of events, the Sage asks Naruto to stop Madara before calling forth the chakra of the nine tailed beasts which Obito had sealed into the young man. As the beasts readily awaited the fulfilment of their long-time prophecy, it is revealed that the Sage is also having the same conversation with Sasuke in his subconscious — intent on including Indra in changing the world. Calling for both young men to stretch out their hands, the Sage imparts his power to both of them. Meanwhile on the battlefield a haughty Madara boasts that the Evening Elephant was not enough to take him down while a battered Guy notes that he would have to use the Night Guy after all.

Chapter 672

"Night Guy…!!" (夜ガイ…!!, Yagai…!!)

As Guy prepares his strongest technique, Madara notes that this is his opponent's last attack based on his chakra levels. While Naruto and Sasuke awaken and prepare to head back onto the battlefield, Lee and Gaara watched the gruesome battle between Guy and Madara wage on. Meanwhile, Kakashi remembers the first time he and his father met Might Guy and Might Duy at the Academy.

While Guy burns his body and radiates a massive aura, similar to a dragon, the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki shows his excitement about this, but quickly becomes shocked by Guy's speed and ability to distort space when he tries to counter-attack. Guy attacks with a powerful kick, which entirely decimates the left side of Madara's upper body, almost killing him, and creates a massive hole in the Ten-Tails' tree form. After his last attack, Guy distresses when his heart's pressure point is about to fade, and his body starts to deteriorate. While recovering from the attack, Madara launches one of his black orbs, intent on being the one to kill Guy; however, Naruto suddenly appears and kicks it back to him. Laying his hand on Guy, the latter's life force begins to return to his body slowly. As Madara notes that the young man had changed, Naruto notes as well, that he indeed felt like he could change the world with his new power.

Chapter 673

"We Will…!!" (オレらで…!!, Orera de…!!)

Madara is baffled by Guy's chakra not disappearing and wonders what Naruto did. Naruto leaps towards Madara, who reforms his shakujō from his remaining Truth-Seeking Ball just in time to defend himself from Naruto's punch. Madara begins to wonder if it's because his own regeneration isn't complete, before concluding that Naruto's power has increased. Naruto asks Son Gokū to lend him its chakra, and the young man creates a senjutsu-enhanced, lava-natured Rasenshuriken. Madara jumps out of the way as it expands, and casts Limbo: Border Jail.

His attack, however, proves ineffective, and both the Uchiha and the Ten-Tails' tree form are caught in the attack. Lying there, seemingly defeated as the tree falls, Madara hears a voice from the tree to absorb it. Naruto takes the opportunity to retreat with Guy, handing him over to Gaara and Lee, assuring the latter that Guy would not die, before agreeing with the former that when he became Hokage they would be allies. He then heads back to the battlefield. As Kakashi watches on, Sakura thanks Obito in the other dimension for saving Naruto despite her better judgement, leading him to make a request from the young kunoichi. Elsewhere Sasuke frees Tobirama, asking him if he was able to teleport. While observing a change in the young man, he notes that currently, he could only teleport one person and Sasuke decides to go without his team mates. Having absorbed the falling God Tree, Madara recovers and declares that he was immortal and could not be defeated by Naruto. Picking up one of his father's kunai, Naruto declares as he enters a new mode — complete with his own Truth-Seeking Balls — that he would not be defeating him alone, right as Sasuke — who has apparently awakened the Rinnegan — appears by his side. Noting the changes in the two, Madara states that they each had a power he already possessed, before declaring that this last fight would determine which of them was the most powerful.

Chapter 674

"Sasuke's Rinnegan…!!" (サスケの輪廻眼…!!, Sasuke no Rinnegan…!!)

Never one to be outdone, Madara launches his counter-attack on Naruto and Sasuke, which the former is able to deflect while the latter evades it entirely. Madara soon realises that they have worked out the mechanisms behind his Limbo: Border Jail technique and quickly moves to reformulate his strategy. Taking the lead, Sasuke calls for Naruto to use Hagoromo's power in his next technique to bind Madara. Though reluctant to take orders from his rival and friend, Naruto readies himself to attack once more.

As Madara contemplated how similar he and Sasuke are, wondering if there was a connection beyond familial ties, and lamenting the fact that he could have used the young man had he been born before Obito, his opponents prepare their attack. With Naruto forming the Sage Art: Magnet Release Rasengan using Shukaku's chakra which also carried the added benefit of a juinjutsu, he and Sasuke — who had formed a Chidori infused with the Six Paths Power — land a simultaneous attack on Madara only to find out that it was the projection from his Limbo technique. Naruto urges Sasuke to stop Madara from reaching his destination, but the young man is too late as Madara rips Kakashi's Sharingan from his eye socket and sticks it into his own. Meanwhile, in the other dimension, Obito asks Sakura to destroy the Rinnegan as he could no longer suppress Black Zetsu. Before she can, however, Madara uses Kamui to warp into the dimension just as Sasuke cuts him in half in the real world and throws a staff at Sakura declaring that he would not allow them to destroy his eye.

Chapter 675

"The Current Dream" (今の夢, Ima no Yume)

Reacting to Madara's attack, Obito transports Sakura out of the other dimension to safety where she informs them of Obito's request and Madara's appearance while tending to Kakashi, who had just lost his Sharingan. Meanwhile, Naruto completes binding Madara's shadow with the help of the Truth-Seeking Balls and a shadow clone whom he leaves behind to monitor the situation.

Within Kamui's dimension Madara has his hand through Obito's chest, and is shocked to find that the cursed seal he placed on his heart had been removed. To Obito's own surprise, Madara reveals that he was the mastermind behind Rin's capture, as well as her subsequently becoming a jinchūriki that was supposed to be let loose on Konoha, but had also broken the cursed seal in a similar way when she had Kakashi stab her with his Chidori. Rin's death would turn Obito from caring and compassionate to twist it into deep hatred. Deeming that Obito had served his purpose, Madara readies himself to retrieve his Rinnegan. As Naruto makes his way over to his team-mates, Sakura explained the impending danger before watching on in amazement as Naruto replaced Kakashi's snatched eye with a normal one using Hagoromo's power. Through his team's nostalgic bickering, Kakashi remembers the goals his students had, how far Naruto and Sakura had gotten towards achieving their dreams, and turns to question Sasuke's goals which would have naturally changed once Itachi had died — sentiments that Sakura echoed. Sasuke, however, hesitates before answering and is saved the task as Kakashi senses that Madara was returning from the other dimension using Obito's Kamui. With this, Kakashi reminds his pupils of the paramount first lesson they learned from him — teamwork — as the trio prepare to face their enemy once more.

Chapter 676

"The Infinite Dream" (無限の夢, Mugen no Yume)

Madara returns from the other dimension victorious; having successfully obtained his missing Rinnegan. As Naruto calls out to Obito, Black Zetsu declares that he had taken the Uchiha's body for his own, all the while chastising Obito's desires for Naruto to succeed as childish. Reflecting upon how she always took a spectatory role in everything, Sakura resolves to create an opening diversion and activates her Ninja Art Creation Rebirth — Strength of a Hundred Technique attacking Madara head on.

Her attacks fails to land on Madara, however, as she is stopped by an invisible force. Retrieved by Naruto and Sasuke, the latter is able to quickly deduce that Madara now is using four shadows after noticing that his attack was ineffective as well. Madara goes on the offence, activating multiple Chibaku Tensei, and attempts to drop the massive earthen debris on his opponents. Naruto and Sasuke are quick to counter-attack using a Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken and Complete Body — Susanoo respectively with four of Naruto's shadow clones confronting Madara's shadows. Despite these efforts, Madara manages to achieve his goal, recalling the text recorded on the stone tablet, and having neared the moon sufficiently, he removes the plating from his forehead revealing a third eye, much like Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Turning to the moon, Madara casts the Infinite Tsukuyomi which reflects the dōjutsu from its surface.

Chapter 677

"Infinite Tsukuyomi " (無限月読, Mugen Tsukuyomi)

With the dōjutsu reflected on the moon, and the Infinite Tsukuyomi initiating, Tobi abruptly ends the battle, and states that his job was done before releasing the encased Yamato stating that he also had no need for him any longer. The Allied Shinobi Forces brace themselves for another meteor impact but Naruto once again manages to deflect it. Realising the impending danger, Sasuke rushes back to his comrades as Madara casts the genjutsu over the world declaring that everything would become one.

As light emanates from the moon, turning the night as bright as day, the shinobi on the battlefield, as well as all the people and animals around the world begin to fall under the genjutsu with the Rinnegan reflecting in their eyes. The reincarnated Hokage are the only ones left unaffected by this and are left powerless to do anything but watch on as Madara used the God: Nativity of a World of Trees technique to connect all living things to the holy tree's own life force. Sensing the direness of the situation, Naruto moves to help his comrades, however, Sasuke stops him telling Naruto that the only reason they too hadn't fallen prey to the technique was because he was able to use his Susanoo as a shield from the technique and if they were to leave its protection, the same fate would befall them. Just outside the protection of Susanoo, Black Zetsu watches on, wondering if Sasuke's Rinnegan was able to counter the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Meanwhile back in Konohagakure, Minato — who had flew there with Madara's Truth-Seeking Balls — looks on as the citizens are encased by the holy tree and wonders just what is happening.

Chapter 678

"My Will Is" (オレノ意志ハ, Ore no Ishi wa)

The entire world is revealed to be trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, with the exception of the members of Team 7. Sakura tries to find out just what is going on outside Susanoo's protection, but Sasuke dismisses her, stating that she would be of no help either way. Kakashi admonishes him for speaking that way, only to be told that without his Sharingan, he was no better than Sakura. Though Naruto also scolds Sasuke for speaking to his teammates that way, Kakashi concludes that it was in fact for the best that Sasuke take the lead on this one.

Sasuke eventually informs everyone that the genjutsu had been cast, and that it would probably take a Rinnegan to break it. The dreamscape of several shinobi are shown after which the glow from the moon fades allowing Team 7 to emerge from Susanoo's protection and confirming Black Zetsu's suspicions that they were unaffected by the genjutsu. Before he can move to confront them, however, the triumphant Madara appears before them stating that as the "Saviour of this World", he would stop them from destroying the peace he created. As they decried his false peace, Madara is attacked by Black Zetsu much to everyone's shock with Black Zetsu stabbing Madara in the chest with his left hand. Revealing that he harboured the will of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, not Madara's much to the Uchiha's own horror, the hand that Zetsu had used to impale Madara through the chest causes the Uchiha to start changing.

Chapter 679

"The Incipient" (はじまりのもの, Hajimari no Mono)

As Madara screams out in pain, Sasuke and Naruto notice that Madara's shadows are disappearing. Almost immediately, large amounts of chakra begin bursting out of the ground and converging on Madara. Sasuke deduces that the chakra is coming from everyone falling victim to the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Sensing that the chakra is even more powerful than the Ten-Tails, both Naruto and Sasuke attempt to stop Madara from consuming the chakra, but just when they begin to approach him, they are both caught by two strands of chakra.

While Naruto is worried that if they don't stop the massive chakra, it will end up killing everyone, Black Zetsu tells him that Kaguya had once used the technique, but didn't kill anyone. Instead, she used it to create soldiers, revealing that humans who were caught under the genjutsu previously eventually became the White Zetsu Army, through a slow process over time. While explaining, Madara's body begins to expand, due to the massive intake of chakra. After Black Zetsu transfers itself into Madara, Obito collapses to the ground, with Kakashi looking worried. The massive chakra finally settles down, everyone is shocked as Kaguya Ōtsutsuki is fully revived. Sensing both Sasuke's and Naruto's chakra, she grabs them and sends them hurling to the ground. Sakura, worried, tries to help but immediately stops when Kaguya walks right past her. Kaguya, using her Byakugan, wonders if the chakra she's sensing is from her sons, but recognises that it's Indra's and Asura's, and concludes is the one who gave them the techniques. Kakashi laments Obito's apparent death, he asks Kaguya what her plan is, to which she states that she doesn't want any more damage to be done to her "nursery" before instantaneously shifting them all into another dimension filled with lava.

Author's Note

With each graphic novel volume, I fix any mistakes on the pages. A common mistake is the headband mark. So complicated!

Masashi Kishimoto, 2014

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