"Naruto vs. Deva Path!!" (ナルトVS天道!!, Naruto Bāsasu Tendō!!) is chapter 434 of the original Naruto manga.


Although the Naraka Path has been destroyed, the Deva Path's gravitational abilities, which it has been unable to use since destroying Konoha, has returned. It first sends Naruto's toad allies out of the village, and then pulls Naruto into the Preta Path's grasp. The Preta Path absorbs his chakra to keep him from moving.

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Naruto vs. Deva Path!! +
February 23, 2009 +
ナルトVS天道!! +
Naruto +
Naruto vs. Deva Path!! +, ナルトVS天道!! +  and Naruto Bāsasu Tendō!! +
Naruto Bāsasu Tendō!! +