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Naruto vs. Itachi!!
(ナルトVSイタチ!!, Naruto Bāsasu Itachi!!)
Volume Info
Previous Naruto towards the Battlefield…!!
Volume 58 (Read Online)
Next The Five Kage Gathered…!!
Pages 208
Release Date
Japanese November 04, 2011 (ISBN 978-4-08-870302-2)
English September 11, 2012 (ISBN 978-1-4215-4328-4)
FMusaiNonotaKaruraGiant Clam
Spiralling Strife SpheresSpiralling Absorption SphereMini-RasenshurikenMagnet Release: Gold Dust Imperial FuneralMagnet Release: Conserving Bee Twin BladesDesert: HandMagnet Release: MagnetizationSand HailAir Gold Dust Protective WallFire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail CrimsonTailed Beast LariatYasaka MagatamaWind Release: Cast NetDemonic Illusion: Steaming Multistoried BuildingPlanetary RasenganBlaze Release: Susanoo KagutsuchiLava Release: Rubber WallEarth Release: Earth-Style Wall of Ten Thousand RiHell StabLava Release: Rubber BallLava Release: Rubber Rope
Gold Dust

Naruto vs. Itachi!! (ナルトVSイタチ!!, Naruto Bāsasu Itachi!!) is volume 58 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 545

"An Immortal Army!!" (不死身軍団!!, Fujimi Gundan!!)

Tobi recalls Kisame's report and says that Naruto's ability to sense negative emotions is the same as Mito Uzumaki. He then moves out with the new Six Paths of Pain. At the Logistical Support and Medical Division camp, Shizune and Sakura complete an autopsy on one of the White Zetsu clone. They learn that Zetsu was created from the cells of the First Hokage, and that they all use Wood Release. Shikaku informs Naruto and B of the enemies strategy. Naruto and B are confronted by several White Zetsu disguised as alliance shinobi. Naruto immediately sees through it and kills them. After he's finished he forms multiple shadow clones, which simultaneously head to all the battlefields.

Chapter 546

"Confrontation of the Old and New Kage!!" (新旧影対決!!, Shinkyūkage Taiketsu!!)

Two allied shinobi, Musai and Nonota, are attacked by the reincarnated Toroi. Naruto hits Toroi with a Rasengan, allowing Suna-nin to seal him. Naruto and B continue to the battlefield. Gaara and Ōnoki stop retreating with their forces and attack the reincarnated Kage. As the reincarnated Kage lament on the fact that they were being made to fight their own shinobi, Gaara sends a huge wave of sand towards the enemy, his father uses his Gold Dust to counteract it. Using the opportunity, Ōnoki attacks using a cone-shaped Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique but is countered by who sensed him and uses a cylindrical form of the same technique which results in a colossal crater on the battlefield. As Gaara comes into sight, his father, who had thought that Shukaku had been released, is shocked to see Gaara before him and asks him where the One-Tail was. Gaara responds to him telling him that he was no longer the jinchūriki he had created.

Chapter 547

"Things that Have Value!!" (価値あるもの!!, Kachi Aru Mono!!)

Unable to comprehend the circumstances surrounding his son's revival after the extraction of the One-Tailed Shukaku in spite of Gaara's explanation, especially in regards to how he obtained friends, the Fourth Kazekage's surprise continues to mount after being informed that Gaara does not hate him due in part to his role as Kazekage providing perspective into his father's previous motives and actions. Recollecting the past, including both his son's birth and eventual descent into failure as a jinchūriki, the Fourth Kazekage supposes that there is some worth in his reincarnation as it allows him to determine the actual value of his child. Questioning whether Gaara is truly capable of surpassing him, the battle between father and son commences with the collision of their respective gold and sand, resulting in a mixture of the two. However, by attempting to protect two of the other Kage from an aerial barrage, Gaara's sand is able to restrain all three in an inescapable embrace. Admitting the growth of his son as his counters continue to fail in the face of Gaara's Shield of Sand, the Fourth Kazekage comes to the realisation that all a parent need do is trust in their children, contradicting his prior concepts about value. Declaring that Gaara's strength comes not from the Shukaku but instead from his mother, he tells his son that Karura truly loved him, which shocked the latter.

Chapter 548

"Naruto vs. Itachi!!" (ナルトVSイタチ!!, Naruto Bāsasu Itachi!!)

Gaara is shocked by the Fourth Kazekage's revelations about his mother's love for him. Gaara breaks down in tears as his father notes that Gaara has surpassed him and that he entrusts the village to him as he is being sealed. Meanwhile the Third Raikage and the Second Mizukage escape from Gaara's sand and are confronted by the Fourth Division to whom they divulge their abilities. Ōnoki and continue to fight with Ōnoki telling Mū not to underestimate him as he creates several rock clones. Elsewhere, Naruto and Killer B encounter Nagato and Itachi Uchiha.

Chapter 549

"Itachi's Question!!" (イタチの問い!!, Itachi no Toi!!)

Nagato talks to Naruto about how his expression has changed since their last meeting. Naruto says he was able to conquer his hatred because of his parents, B, and Nagato's teachings of pain. Itachi tells Naruto that he wants to ask him a question, and Naruto says the same. Meanwhile, Kabuto is glad that he has found the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails first and wonders what Tobi's reaction will be. Kabuto commands them to attack. Itachi attacks with a fireball, B cuts it in half with his Samehada. Itachi begins to fight with Naruto, and B. As they fight Itachi asks Naruto about Sasuke. Naruto tells him about Sasuke's desire to destroy Konoha and that Tobi told him about Itachi's secret mission. Itachi asks Naruto to keep his mission a secret as he wants the Uchiha name to keep its reputation. Nagato pulls Naruto and a rock from the nearby lake in a head-on collision, but Naruto dodges it. Nagato summons two creatures. Naruto attacks the dog as it multiplied. Itachi and B fight each other. Itachi jumps on to Nagato's bird and activates his Mangekyō Sharingan. A crow emerges from Naruto's mouth.

Chapter 550

"Kotoamatsukami " ("別天神", "Kotoamatsukami")

Itachi's crow flies out of Naruto's mouth. Itachi attempts to use Amaterasu on Naruto but the crow locks the eyes with Itachi causing him to stop. Itachi then uses Amaterasu on Nagato's dog summon and then turns to use it on Nagato himself and the bird summon. Itachi explains to Naruto why the crow has a Mangekyō Sharingan and how he got it. Shisui Uchiha had given his Sharingan to Itachi and wanted him to use it to protect Konoha. Kabuto overhears the conversation and states that his luck keeps getting better. Nagato uses Shinra Tensei to free himself from Itachi's flames, and Kabuto seemingly removes his personality. Nagato sneaks behind Naruto with his chameleon summon and uses Shinra Tensei once again to attack Killer B and Naruto. Nagato appears behind B and tries to attack him, but B goes into his Version 2 transformation and counters Nagato's attack with a Tailed Beast Lariat. Nagato uses the Preta Path's ability to absorb B's chakra, which leads Nagato to regain a youthful appearance. Nagato then grabs hold of Naruto and uses the Human Path technique.

Chapter 551

"Stop Nagato!!" (長門を止めろ!!, Nagato o Tomero!!)

As Nagato tries to pull out Naruto's soul, Naruto realises Nagato is using all of Pain's powers in one body. Naruto asks Nagato how his techniques work, but soon realises Nagato is being fully controlled. Naruto tries to escape by attacking Nagato with a Rasengan but he absorbs it. B moves to help Naruto but Nagato sees the attack coming and captures B. Just as Nagato is about to remove Naruto's soul and kill B, Itachi saves them with his incomplete Susanoo. Kabuto remembers he has one more person to capture and has Nagato use Chibaku Tensei on all three of them. Naruto remembers the technique and tells B and Itachi about it. Itachi figures out its weakness and tells the others to use their strongest long-range attacks. As the sphere is destroyed Itachi stabs Nagato with the Sword of Totsuka, causing Nagato to regain consciousness. As he is sealed, Itachi tells him that if he had anything left to say he should say it now. Nagato tells Naruto that he is the last part of the three part legacy following Jiraiya — whose story was perfect, himself — which he deemed a failure. He then tells Naruto to make his story perfect so that everyone forgot his own horrible story.

Chapter 552

"The Requirements for Hokage…!!" (火影の条件…!!, Hokage no Jōken…!!)

Itachi finishes sealing Nagato. Kabuto expresses frustration on Nagato's sealing, believing that his amplified field of vision would compensate his impaired mobility, though Itachi managed to exploit its blind-spots. Kabuto considers using his trump card. Itachi says he has a plan and will handle Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, but Naruto insists on fighting on his own and attempts to make more shadow clones, but begins feeling the effects of extended use of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Itachi reminds Naruto that, while he is much stronger than before, he shouldn't forget the people who supported him, that doing things on his own will lead to failure, knowing from his own experience. Killer B tells Naruto about his promise to Iruka to keep Naruto safe. Itachi destroys the crow and Shisui's Sharingan, as it'll take another decade before its power can be used again, and then leaves. The Allied Forces shinobi fighting the Second Mizukage are confused by the Giant Clam's mirages, despite the Mizukage's advice. Temari cuts through the Third Raikage, signalling the Sealing Team to act. Gaara detects the invisible Mū behind Ōnoki, who strains his back. prepares to attack, and Gaara notices a Rasengan behind Mū.

Chapter 553

"Arrival at the Main Battlefield!!" (主戦場到着!!, Shusenjō Tōchaku!!)

Naruto's initial attack on fails, as Mū senses Naruto's attack and dodges. Naruto and Gaara work together enabling Naruto to land a hit on Mū with his Planetary Rasengan. Ōnoki increases the weight of Mū's body stopping him from moving which allows Gaara to seal him before Mū could finish his statement. Gaara wants an explanation as to why Naruto is on the battlefield. Shikaku Nara informs them of the situation. Naruto, before leaving, tells Gaara that he has no intention of dying before becoming Hokage, he knows what's he's doing, and that being Kazekage does not give him the right to patronise him. Temari's squad has a hard time dealing with the Third Raikage, as well as another squad with the Second Mizukage. Dodai explains the Third's abilities and past. Kabuto erases the Third's personality in order to stall for time. Naruto arrives at Temari's location and begins attacking the Third. At the Mountains' Graveyard, Sasuke attacks and kills White Zetsu with his new Susanoo. He reveals his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and states that his new eyes can see well in the darkness.

Chapter 554

"The Limit of the Rasenshuriken…!!" (螺旋手裏剣の限界…!!, Rasen Shuriken no Genkai…!!)

Naruto prepares a Rasenshuriken with his chakra arms. Temari notes it to be a Wind Release variation of the Rasengan. Naruto guides the Rasenshuriken towards the Third Raikage with a chakra arm, but he dodges. Dodai notes the attack won't work since the Raikage has the Lightning Release Chakra Mode on. Naruto counted on him dodging it, and uses the chakra arm to throw the attack in a new direction. The Raikage dodges it again, so Naruto catches the Rasenshuriken with a chakra arm and rams it against him at point blank. The Sealing Team tries to seal the Raikage, but he recovers before they can complete it, much to everyone's shock. The Third prepares his strongest ninjutsu. Dodai urges all to get away from the Third and commands Earth Release users to build a wall, which Dodai himself reinforces. Dodai explains the Third's technique. Against Dodai's recommendation and Temari's protests, some shinobi try attacking the Third when he breaks through the wall, only to be defeated. Dodai recounts how the Third was resilient, and Naruto asks him how the Raikage got his scar if he was so resistant. Dodai says he got it fighting the Eight-Tails by himself and that he didn't like to talk about it. Naruto decides using the Tailed Beast Ball, and starts charging it.

Chapter 555

"Contradiction" (矛盾, Mujun)

Naruto's attempt at forming a Tailed Beast Ball fails, and is forced out of Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Naruto tells Dodai that he needs to contact B and the Eight-Tails. As the Raikage suddenly attacks them, Dodai forms a rubber ball as a decoy to buy Naruto some time. Dodai contacts Inoichi Yamanaka, who allows Naruto to talk to B. Naruto tells B that he wants to talk to the Eight-Tails. The Eight-Tails tells Naruto that when it and the Raikage fought they collapsed with both of their techniques in hand. The Raikage cuts the rubber ball in half and sees that Naruto isn't in it. He heads towards Naruto's location. Naruto goes in to Sage Mode and plans to use Frog Kata to sense the Raikage's attack faster. The Raikage attacks with a one-finger nukite, but Naruto dodges and hits the Raikage's arm with a Rasengan, knocking his attack into his own chest. The sealing team immediately seals the Raikage. Elsewhere, the Second Mizukage stands before an exhausted Gaara and asks him if that was all he is capable of.

Author's Note

Thanks to everyone's support, the Naruto anime will also celebrate its tenth anniversary next year. I am eternally indebted to everyone on the animation staff! and I also have nothing but words of gratitude to all you readers who have continuously supported Naruto! ...No, really, I'm dead serious!!

Masashi Kishimoto, 2011

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