Discussions Moderators are users that have tools to manage the activity in the forums and the chat. They have the ability to:

  • Close or remove threads that become too long, or unnecessary and derailing to the wiki.
  • Edit other users' comments if those users perform the following actions:
    • Pyramid quoting.
    • Double posting.
    • Insulting other users.
    • Linking to illegal websites.
    • Uploading images for the sole purpose of being in the forums.
  • Moderators can also remove comments altogether that violate the forum policy, or are inappropriate and/or unnecessary for the forums (abusive behavior, trolling, spamming, bumping old discussions, ignoring requests of other users, etc).
  • Highlighting discussions that may require wiki-wide attention.
  • Moderating the chatroom.

These rights must not be abused in any manner. Misuse of the discussions moderator privileges will result in the privileges being removed until such a time as the administration decides the user is capable of using the tools properly.

A list of discussions moderators can be found at: Special:ListUsers/threadmoderator.