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Unnamed Jutsu

Count 308
  • Acidic Sludge
  • Adamantine Attacking Chains
  • Air Gold Dust Protective Wall
  • Altering Terrain Technique
  • Animal Cursed Seal
  • Armageddon Countdown Clock
  • Assimilation: Red Poisonous Smokescreen
  • Ball of Light Technique
  • Bando's Chakra Armour
  • Barrier Releasing Technique
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  • Unnamed Tools

    Count 57
  • Absorbing Eye
  • Altering Terrain Diagram Scroll
  • Arm-mounted Drill
  • Barrier Tag
  • Binding Cloth
  • Cat Ears
  • Chakra Disruption Device
  • Chakra Enhanced Triple-Bladed Claw
  • Chakra Transmission Communication Device
  • Chakra-Suppressing Seal
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  • Unnamed Characters

    Count 93
  • Aho Bird
  • Akane's Father
  • Chōji's Mother
  • Anbu Commander
  • Bird-Masked Anbu Member
  • Boar-Masked Anbu Member
  • Eagle-Masked Anbu Member
  • Fox-Masked Anbu Member
  • Tiger-Masked Anbu Member
  • Aniki
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  • Jutsu Kanji Contradictions

    Count 417
  • Acidic Sludge
  • Adamantine Attacking Chains
  • Air Gold Dust Protective Wall
  • All Weapons Above Heaven
  • Almighty Sakura
  • Altering Terrain Technique
  • Amenotejikara: Instant
  • Animal Cursed Seal
  • Armageddon Countdown Clock
  • Assimilation: Red Poisonous Smokescreen
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    Characters Missing Images

    Count 85
  • Shikuro Aburame
  • Yōji Aburame
  • Akane (Kunoichi)
  • Mikazuki Amaashi
  • Amagi
  • Ameyuki
  • Amuda
  • Asami
  • Baraki
  • Chichiatsu
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  • Episodes Missing Images (Sorted by Episode Number)

    Count 1
  • A New Rasengan
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    360 Degrees of Vision: The Byakugan's Blind SpotA Battle of Bugs! The Deceivers and the Deceived!A Clash of Fate: You Can't Bring Me Down!A Cry on Deaf EarsA Dangerous Mission! Journey to the Land of Waves!A Dubious Offer! Tsunade's Choice!A Failure Stands Tall!A Failure's True PowerA Feeling of Yearning, a Flower Full of HopeA Fierce Battle of Rolling Thunder!A Legend from the Hidden Leaf: The Onbaa!A Lesson Learned: The Iron Fist of Love!A Limitless Supply of Ninja ToolsA Mistake from the Past: A Face Revealed!A New Chapter Begins: The Chūnin Exam!A New Formation: Ino–Shika–Chō!A New Squad! Two People and a Dog?!A New Training Begins: I Will Be Strong!A Past to Be ErasedA Plea from a FriendA Shadow in Darkness: Danger Approaches SasukeA Shirker's Call to Action: A Layabout No More!A Town of Outlaws, The Shadow of the Fūma ClanAkamaru Trembles: Gaara's Cruel Strength!Akamaru Unleashed! Who's Top Dog Now?An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's HeartAn Unrivaled Match: Hokage Battle Royale!Assassin of the Moonlit NightAstonishing Truth! Gaara's Identity Emerges!Attack! Fury of the Rasengan!Battle Formation: Ino–Shika–Chō!!Battle at Sea: The Power Unleashed!Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns!Beyond the Limit of Darkness and LightBitter Rivals and Broken BondsBlaze Away, Byakugan! This is My Ninja Way!Breakdown! The Deal is Off!Bringing Back RealityBrothers: Distance Among the UchihaBushy Brow's Jealousy: Lions Barrage Unleashed!Bushy Brow's Jutsu: Sasuke Style!Bushy Brow's Pledge: Undying Love and Protection!Byakugan Battle: Hinata Grows Bold!Byakugan vs. Shadow Clone Technique!Chūnin Challenge: Rock Lee vs. Sasuke!Clone vs. Clone: Mine are Better Than Yours!Crisis: The Konoha 11 Gather!Dancing Leaf, Squirming SandDeadlock! Sannin Showdown!Deep Cover?! A Super S-Ranked Mission!... further results
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    Volumes Missing Images (Sorted by Volume Number)

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    Chapters Missing Images (Sorted by Chapter Number)

    Count 349
  • "Know Pain"
  • A Bird in a Cage…!!
  • A Chance Meeting 1
  • A Chance Meeting 2
  • A Clan Possessed by Evil
  • A Dangerous Bridge
  • A Dreadful Visitor!!
  • A New Seal!!
  • A New Three-Way Deadlock
  • A New Wind
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  • Jutsu Missing Images

    Anime/Manga Jutsu

    Count 49
  • Amanohabaya
  • Cat Food Clone
  • Echo Technique
  • Eight Trigrams Sixteen Palms
  • Fire Release: Flame Spear
  • Fire Release: Smokescreen Gale
  • Fire Release: Water Mist
  • Flea Shuriken
  • Heart Acceleration Technique
  • Hinokagutsuchi
  • ... further results
  • Movie Jutsu

    Count 3
  • Four Corner Seal Teleportation
  • Four Corner Seal Teleportation Release
  • Leaf Flash Kick
  • Game Jutsu

    Count 432
  • 100% Single Punch
  • Adamantine Technique: Cranium Crusher
  • Air Lightning Bullet
  • Air Lightning Strike
  • Air Raid Shot
  • All Weapons Above Heaven
  • Almighty Sakura
  • Amanohabaya
  • Amaterasu: Dual Layer
  • Amputation Punishment
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    Articles needing Cleanup

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  • Contact
  • Infiltration: The Set-Up!
  • Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding (Arc)
  • Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
  • Sāra
  • Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise (Arc)
  • Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness (Arc)
  • The Exploding Human

  • Articles needing citation

    Count 10
  • Aoda
  • Baton Road
  • Clone Technique
  • Drunken Fist
  • Sakura Haruno
  • Hiding with Camouflage Technique
  • Mitsuki
  • Puppet Technique
  • Konohamaru Sarutobi
  • Tenten

  • Articles needing content

    Count 46
  • A New Rasengan
  • Academy Entrance Arc
  • Akane (Kunoichi)
  • Ao Arc
  • Astronomy Research Institute
  • Boruto OVA 1
  • Byakuya Gang Arc
  • Chōchō Arc
  • Daidai Village
  • Even in a Future Day
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