Keep in mind that these policies are ultimately guidelines. If it's found that a policy restricts something that the reason the policy was created didn't intend to restrict, then the policy should be changed.

This is the policy on the use of userpages.


Narutopedia has had a fair bit of issues with things not related to the wiki and users who don't actually help the wiki, both in the past and present. As a result, among a few other things, there is a policy on userpages.

Criteria for deletion

Unless your userpage is being shared from Community Central, if a new userpage falls under one of these criteria it will likely be deleted:

  • Creating fan profiles
  • Unrelated to the wiki in any way
  • Doesn't relate to the user as an editor of the wiki
    • Userpages are for editors to give information about themselves as editors on the wiki; ie: Past wiki editing experiences, what they do on the wiki, and preferred methods of contact. Personal userpages will be deleted: if you wish to talk about yourself as a person, use Facebook.
  • Belongs to a user that has never contributed to the wiki.
    • Simply commenting on talkpages is not considered contribution, unless you're seriously contributing to discussions on how to improve articles.
  • One liners which don't state anything helpful or just state the obvious (this includes under construction pages).
  • Is created as a blank page.
  • A userpage created for the purpose of a sandbox.
  • A userpage consisting mostly of plagiarised elements from other people's userpages.
    • This doesn't apply to those who have asked for permission.
  • A shared userpage intended to evade the policy outlined here.


Generally, the idea is try to actually contribute to the wiki for a while first, then after a while just add something short to detail who you are as an editor. A fair number of our best editors don't even have userpages, most of the userpages created here by new users just feature abuse.

Please note that the above does not apply to users who have a userpage being shared from the Community Central wiki.

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