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The gathering of natural energy.

Natural energy (自然エネルギー, Shizen enerugī, English TV: Nature Energy), is energy that can be collected from the atmosphere and terrain. If one can collect the natural energy from around them and combine and balance it with the spiritual and physical energy that makes up their chakra, they can become sages and enter the Sage Mode, allowing them to use senjutsu. This method can be taught by the inhabitants in one of two legendary locations:

The members of Jūgo's clan possess a special ability called Sage Transformation which causes their bodies to constantly absorb natural energy and allows them to regulate this energy to perform a myriad of shape-shifting feats. However, as they are unable to control the flux of power that comes with this, they are prone to randomly going berserk. Orochimaru also figured out how to utilise natural energy thanks to Jūgo's abilities and his discovery of the Ryūchi Cave, but was also unable to use it properly because he did not possess strong enough host bodies to use such power.[1] Failure to control this energy leads to petrification.

It seems that the Shinju, the source of all chakra, is composed mainly of natural energy, thus, it (and by extension, its jinchūriki) can only be affected by natural energy-infused techniques.

There is also an anime-only kinjutsu which draws natural energy into the user, and then releasing it in a devastating attack developed by the Tsuchigumo clan.


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