The Ninja Art Creation Rebirth — Strength of a Hundred Technique is a forbidden technique that is only accessible to those who have mastered the Creation Rebirth technique.


While very similar in nature to its parent technique, which also regenerates the user's wounds via accelerated cell division, the Strength of a Hundred Technique has a continuous, automatic effect that will heal any damage that the user sustains instantly without the need to make hand seals or even a conscious effort to activate the healing process as long as they have chakra left. The enhanced regeneration granted by this technique is so rapid that even the wounds that resulted from Tsunade being impaled by two gigantic swords were completely healed mere moments after their removal.[3] As it builds on the Creation Rebirth, it shortens the user's lifespan.[1]

Use of the technique also requires the release of the Strength of a Hundred Seal, but rather than just covering the face, the markings extend over the user's entire body. As a testament to both its power and her confidence in its healing prowess, Tsunade has decreed that only medical-nin who have mastered this technique are permitted to break the first three rules that govern their role on the battlefield — which effectively prohibit their direct involvement in any conflict — that she herself established. This makes herself and her student, Sakura, the only ones allowed to break these rules.[4]

This technique's power can be temporarily transferred to another person upon physical contact, as seen when Sakura extended the technique's markings onto Obito Uchiha.[5]


  • When written as '白毫', byakugō means 'Ūrṇā' (literally meaning: Fine White Hair), which is a white swirl of fine hair on the forehead of the Buddha, represented in art by a spiral or a dot, or even a gem or pearl. It represents the third eye which allows one to see past the mundane world and into the divine world. This is a clear allusion to the diamond mark on the user's forehead.
  • According to Madara Uchiha, this technique is similar to Hashirama Senju's ability, in that it heals the user's injuries without requiring hand seals to activate.[6]


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