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"No-Good Words" (NGワード, Enujī Wādo) is episode 269 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


At the Allied Shinobi Forces' Headquarters, a visibly anxious A discusses the history of the Gold and Silver Brothers with Tsunade. At the coastline of the Land of Lightning, Darui, who is now joined by Samui and Atsui, face Kinkaku and Ginkaku who reveal their weapons of choice to be the Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths. Right off the bat, Atsui launches an assault against the White Zetsu Army clones and then rushes to attack the brothers, but Kinkaku hits him with his Kōkinjō: a cursing rope. Samui also charges in after her brother, but gets hit by the Kōkinjō as well. Ginkaku severs their soul words using the Shichiseiken: a sword that displays their most used word after it severs the word soul. Atsui accidentally mentions his forbidden word "hot" and gets sucked into the Benihisago. Darui, taking on the brothers, gets hit by the Kōkinjō after severing Kinkaku's arm. Samui is also sucked to the Benihisago, despite never uttering her forbidden word. Darui figures out his forbidden word and concludes he can neither stay quiet for too long either as Samui had done. Ginkaku then states that trickery and betrayal are tactics of a shinobi claiming Darui to be merely a pawn to the Raikage. Darui recalls his conversation with the Raikage as he was worried about the loss of the Raikage's left arm. A then states that he has two arms anyway, his and Darui's. Full of resolve, Darui answers back to the brothers that he is the right hand man of the Raikage, not just merely a pawn. However Darui's speech accidentally causes him to say his most uttered word "dull" and began being sucked into the Benihisago. Due to his constant apologies just as he was about to be fully sucked in, he evades the sealing as his most-uttered word "dull" changes to his second most-uttered word "sorry" and he attacks Ginkaku, forcing him to evade the attack and accidentally hit Kinkaku's Kōkinjō. Now taking the opportunity, Darui commandeers the Shichiseiken and the Benihisago, and manages to seal Ginkaku after he speaks his most-uttered word, "Kinkaku". Infuriated by the loss of his brother, Kinkaku transforms into his six-tailed jinchūriki form and begins his rampage on the First Division.


RoleSeiyūEnglish Voice Actor
DaruiRyota Takeuchi竹内 良太Takeuchi RyōtaCatero Colbert
SamuiHikari Yonoよの ひかりYono HikariCindy Robinson
AtsuiShinobu Matsumoto松本 忍Matsumoto ShinobuVic Mignogna
Fifth Hokage: TsunadeMasako Katsuki勝生 真沙子Katsuki MasakoDebi Mae West
Fourth Raikage: AHideaki Tezuka手塚 秀彰Tezuka HideakiBeau Billingslea
ZetsuNobuo Tobita飛田 展男Tobita NobuoTravis Willingham
KinkakuTakaya Kuroda黒田 崇矢Kuroda TakayaJohn Eric Bentley
GinkakuFumiya Yazaki矢崎 文也Yazaki FumiyaKeith Silverstein
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