"Nothing" (何も無い, Nani mo nai) is chapter 582 of the original Naruto manga.


Kabuto attacked the Uchiha brothers with his Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation technique, causing the cave formations to attack them. Having used his Susanoo to protect Sasuke, Itachi was incapacitated between the rocks. As Kabuto retrieved a talisman from his snake, he attempted to rewrite Itachi's mind. Sasuke created a ring of Amaterasu flames to prevent Kabuto from taking any further action. Commending Sasuke's strategy, Kabuto told him nonetheless that they were not capable of defeating him. Continuing to brag about his accomplishments, he states that of anyone currently alive, he had come the closest to the Sage of the Six Paths and that compared to him, the Uchiha were nothing. This prompts Sasuke to lash out at him, but he was stopped by a fully-regenerated Itachi. Itachi told Kabuto that he reminded him of his former self though the two of them were very different. He then told him that because he did not understand his own limitations, the value of comrades and who he really was, he was doomed to fail as he did when he was alive. With this, Kabuto retorted that they were the ones that knew nothing about him and that for his whole life, he had tried to find who he really was. Kabuto also had a flashback to his earliest memory of being found by Nonō and Urushi. He then stated that for his whole life, he had nothing.

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