"Now and Hereafter" (ここに、そしてこれから, Koko ni, Soshite Kore Kara, Viz: Here and Now, and Hereafter) is chapter 628 of the original Naruto manga.


As the situation on the battlefield gets dire, with attacks coming at all ends from Obito, Madara, and the Ten-Tails, Chōji notes that Naruto's chakra cloaks were protecting them from the worst of the attacks. As Sakura's cloak deflects the giant kunai and magatama respectively, she wondered if keeping up a feat like this would not harm Naruto in the end. Evading an attack from Obito thanks to Kakashi's warning, Naruto once again decries Obito's ideals, noting that a loner like him could never understand his euphoria to have all his comrades around him. As Obito finds a flaw in Naruto's sentiments, Kakashi looks on wondering why Obito was testing Naruto in that manner. While Kurama wonders how Naruto was doing as he controls its distributed chakra simultaneously, Madara — his face contorted into a maniacal smile — senses Hashirama's chakra on the battlefield. With the Ten-Tails letting out a shriek on the battlefield, it undergoes yet another, albeit slight transformation. Kurama warns Naruto of the impending danger as the atmosphere begins to change on the battlefield; Obito muses that this was the consequence of the Alliance separating him and Madara from the beast and wonders if he should just become the beast's jinchūriki. The situation prompts Kakashi to attempt to warp the beast away. However, he is intercepted by Obito and as Kakashi calls out to Naruto to handle there, he and Obito warp each other away to Kamui's dimension. Elsewhere, Madara notes the fun was about to begin, and cloaks himself with his Susanoo's ribcage. The Ten-Tails' power creates earthquakes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes all over the battlefield.