The Nuibari (縫い針, literally meaning: Sewing Needle) is one of the mystical swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, that has been passed down from generation to generation amongst the group's members since the First Mizukage's era.[1]


The blade itself assumes the form of a narrow "longsword" (長刀, chōtō) that greatly resembles a large needle, with a long length of thin wire, mirroring thread, tied through the eye located at the base of its hilt. This sword is said to possess the ability to pierce all and stitch them together, demonstrated through its ability to effortlessly penetrate multiple targets in a single thrust, and then quite literally stitch them together in substantial bundles by simply pulling the attached wire taut. A capable user can even throw the sword with the intent of piercing a line of multiple enemies, before catching the needle at the other side and repeating the process at different angles, in order to create knots of corpses with the wire passing through the entirety, effectively creating bundles of bodies at various points along the length of the thread. In the anime, Nuibari's wires can also bind chakra, stopping jutsu from going through them.[2]

Nuibari was eventually lost to Kirigakure alongside five other blades. The sword is first seen when a reincarnated Mangetsu Hōzuki summons it from a scroll, where it is then returned to Kushimaru, and last seen in the anime when Kushimaru is sealed. Some time after the war, Nuibari was returned to Kirigakure.[3] In the anime, a rebellious group proclaiming themselves the New Seven Ninja Swordsmen stole the seven blades to start a revolution against the modernisation and peaceful era of Kirigakure, determined to return to the days of the "Bloody Mist". Hebiichigo took up Nuibari.[4] Soon after, she and her team were defeated, allowing the village to reclaim the sword. Later, as part of a work-release program, Hebiichigo was allowed to wield Nuibari again for a mission to reduce her sentencing.[5]

Utilised Techniques[]


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