Obito Uchiha was one of Kakashi's cell mates in the manga exclusive Kakashi Gaiden.


Kakashi's trend of being late comes from Obito. Obito was almost always late, and was carefree about rules, leading to a rough relationship between himself and Kakashi.


Obito wore a ski mask-like pair of goggles with a see-through orange tint. He also wore a jacket and beige shorts, similar to how Sasuke Uchiha dresses . His hair's was spiky like Naruto's, and was a very dark brown (or black) color.


  • Kakashi's famous quote: "Those who break the rules are scum, but those who don't help a comrade in need are worse than scum." (English dub version) was actually Obito's original quote.
  • Kakashi's always late because he spends too much time honoring Obito after the Uchiha died.
    • When asked why he should have waken up earlier to honor Obito (thus getting more time to do important information) by Yugao Uzuki, Kakashi replied that he does.
  • Kakashi's Sharingan came from Obito, transferred through surgery performed by Rin.

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