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オハギ Ohagi
Anime Boruto Episode #260
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
  • Dango chef

Ohagi (オハギ, Ohagi) is a dango chef in Konohagakure.


A citizen of the old town in Konohagakure, Ohagi had a longtime friendship with new city resident Taruto, who took part in the old town's festival fireworks display, going on trips with them. As they were also both chefs, they developed a dango shortcake, which drew from their areas of expertise. When the new city decided to put on their own fireworks display, they put Taruto in charge of it, creating a rift between Ohagi and Taruto.

New Era

When Ohagi and other old town residents argued with Taruto and other new city townspeople, it drew Boruto's attention, who tried to break them up. After learning about the rift's origin from Sabure, Boruto returned to Ohagi's dango shop to convince him to talk it about with Taruto. Boruto brought the two groups together, and attempted to reconcile them by having them share the dango shortcake they came up with, but it didn't work. Kakashi suggested they turn the fireworks display into a competition, with the winner becoming the one responsible for it. Ohagi agreed to it, but on the day of the display, Kakashi switched the fireworks around, causing the old town residents to mock their own fireworks, taking their hearts out of the rivalry. His granddaughter Yubeshi urged him to make up with Taruto so she and Sabure could get married. Ohagi and Taruto made up, and attended their grandchildren's wedding.


  • "Ohagi" is a rice confection eaten as a sacred offering during Higan, a Buddhist holiday in Japan.