"One More Face" (もう一つの顔, Mō Hitotsu no Kao) is chapter 63 of the original Naruto manga.


Surrounded, Team Oboro creates haze clones to try and avoid attack. While Team 7 is preoccupied with determining where the real members of Team Oboro are, Team Oboro tries to finish them off. Kabuto is badly injured while protecting Naruto, but he creates an opening for Naruto to defeat Team Oboro. Team 7 takes the scroll they need and goes to the exam destination point. Kabuto regroups with his team and they part ways, Team 7 entering the building through a different door. Kabuto's team reports to Orochimaru on Sasuke's development and Kabuto effortlessly heals his injuries. Team 7, having passed, are instructed to finally open their two scrolls.

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