"One View" (一望, Ichibō, Viz: View) is chapter 623 of the original Naruto manga.


Hashirama and Madara continued to meet in this manner by the riverside where they sparred with one another as well as talked about the future. During this time, the two grew closer as friends and worked on improving their weaknesses, all the while not revealing their last names. On one occasion, Madara almost let slip that he was an Uchiha, nearly bragging about the visual prowess which he wielded, as Hashirama feverishly talked about creating a village where the elders would watch over the children who would be brought up to be strong and not carelessly sent to war to die. Hashirama also spoke about creating a system by which shinobi were assigned missions which played to their strengths and skill sets, after both young men relived the loss of their siblings. Creating a greeting method the two boys skipped their rocks across the river to one another until they met again, however, upon returning to the Senju compound, Tobirama informs his brother that their father wanted to speak with him. Revealing that he had tailed them upon their father's request, Butsuma tells his son that the young boy he had been spending his time with was an Uchiha who had killed several of their strongest clansmen on his own. Coaxing his son, Butsuma told Hashirama that he was to gather intelligence on the young man and report to them, else he be seen as a traitor for his actions. Faced with the only other option to kill Madara, the pair met up by the river and, at Madara's behest, skipped their rocks across to one another as a greeting. Reacting, the two boys immediately bid each other farewell, having told one another that a trap had been laid for them via the stones they had skipped to one another. However, both Butsuma Senju and Tajima Uchiha appear on the field accompanied by their sons Tobirama and Izuna respectively. Both Hashirama and Madara who were in the process of fleeing look on as the two sides greeted one another — no love lost between the pair.


  • This chapter's name has a double meaning, referring to the view Madara and Hashirama had over the forest that would later become Konohagakure and also to their shared desire to change the shinobi world.
  • The spot where Hashirama and Madara discussed the foundations of Konoha is the same spot where Hiruzen Sarutobi and Danzō Shimura were seen in the latter's flashback interacting.