Konan disguises six hundred billion explosive tags as the surrounding scenery, be it earth or water, with enough sophistication that even the Sharingan cannot see through it.[1] When the target is in position, Konan causes the scenery to split in half, resulting in the rapid creation of a huge abyss beneath the target. Due to the sudden lack of any available foothold, the target inevitably descends ever deeper into the depths of the chasm. As the target falls, Konan guides the explosive tags to stick to their body and detonate, with six hundred billion being enough for ten minutes of consecutive explosions — more than enough to counter the five minute time limit on Obito Uchiha's intangibility.[2]


  • The Japanese word for paper person (紙者, shisha) is pronounced the same as the Japanese word for messenger (使者, shisha). This gives the name of this technique the additional meaning Messenger of God — a messenger of God being an angel, which is also Konan's moniker.

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