This is the article on the holiday. For the episode of the same name, head to Parent and Child Day (episode).

Parent and Child Day (親子の日, Oyako no Hi) is a holiday in Konohagakure, depicted in Naruto Shinden: Family Day. The holiday is originally requested by the residents of Konoha's "new" sector – the skyscrapers above the Hokage Rock – because they are ordinary people who aren't accustomed to the seven day workweek typical to shinobi. When the Seventh Hokage approves their application, he is also asked to name the holiday, initially described only as a "parent and child day"; the Hokage decides that that description works as a name too.

Konoha's various merchants anticipate a unique business opportunity for the holiday and bombard the Hokage's office with requests to set up additional stands in Konoha's streets. Many stores also sell special items for the day: Lightning Burger sells a unique spicy hamburger, advertised as the "Challenge of the Lightning God"; Ninja Tools Roll Roll Roll sells a set of special "Parent and Child kunai"; Yamanaka Flowers has no holiday-specific goods, but always does good business during similar celebrations. Various stores in Konoha sell a limited edition doll of Kurama, the most popular children's toy. Because it's only available in small quantities, many shops import Shukaku dolls from Sunagakure to meet demand.

Parent and Child Day ends up being very successful, attracting visitors to Konoha from all over. The village's annual food competition also ends up falling on Parent and Child Day, adding to the variety of the day's activities. Because of how well-received Parent and Child Day becomes, the Seventh Hokage is asked to create additional holidays for everyone who lacked a parent or child, such as "Husband and Wife Day", "Older and Younger Sister Day", and "Alone Day". The Hokage approves each.