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"Partner" (相棒, Aibō) is episode 218 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Isshiki flies at Kawaki, harmlessly going through a Fire Release he throws at him. He grabs Kawaki and admonishes him for trying to be a shinobi. Kawaki reveals that Naruto took him as a student, thinking he had a knack for it. He goes on, saying that Naruto taught him a lot of things, giving him a reason to live. Isshiki mocks these, pointing out the prosthetic arm allowed him to bring Kawaki there, and his attachment to Naruto made him give himself up. Kawaki affirms that a world without Naruto isn't worth living in for him. Isshiki brands Kawaki with another Kāma and laughs in celebration. His body begins to break down. The Kāma begins to dissipate, to Isshiki's confusion. The real Kawaki emerges, revealing that the one Isshiki branded was a shadow clone, which disperses. He disparages Isshiki one more time before jumping on him, his weight collapsing Isshiki's body into dust. Naruto is surprised by Kawaki's shadow clone. Sasuke asks Naruto about his new power. Boruto suddenly stabs Sasuke's Rinnegan. Momoshiki speaks through Boruto, expressing surprised approval of them defeating Isshiki. Kawaki tries calling out to Boruto. Momoshiki confirms that Isshiki's soul has perished, and asks why Kawaki's not smiling at his freedom. Naruto tells Momoshiki to give up, as he no longer has anything to feed to a Ten-Tails to grow a God Tree for a chakra fruit. Momoshiki dodges Kawaki's Fire Release, and fights him close up, managing to stab him. He determines that Kawaki's Kāma extraction had progressed enough. Sasuke kicks Momoshiki aside, who explains that the Kāma extraction has made their bodies about 80% Ōtsutsuki, making them viable as sacrifices, even if the Kāma itself is erased. Sasuke attacks Momoshiki, who blocks his sword, and retreats when Sasuke channels a Chidori through it. He finds it odd that Momoshiki didn't absorb his ninjutsu. Momoshiki asks Sasuke if he's prepared to kill his student, which Sasuke confirms, using Amaterasu. Momoshiki dodges it and uses a shadow clone as a shield. Sasuke determines that since Momoshiki emerged because Boruto used too much chakra, restoring his chakra should make Momoshiki recede again. Momoshiki plans on how to defeat Sasuke. He hits Sasuke with a Vanishing Rasengan. Kawaki thinks back to his arguments with Boruto, and begins to self-immolate when Momoshiki prepares to teleport them away, forcing Momoshiki to absorb it. Boruto begins to regain consciousness, stops Momoshiki from leaving, and breaks off his horn, causing the Kāma to recede before collapsing. Naruto passes out as well. In his mind, Naruto talks to Kurama, and the two reminisce about the past. Kurama reveals that the price for Baryon Mode is its death, not theirs, and fades away. The other tailed beasts sense Kurama's death. Naruto wakes up with Boruto crying and holding his hand, Sasuke and Kawaki looking at him.


  • Instead of the usual ending animation, the credits are played over a montage of Naruto and Kurama moments from across the series.
  • This is the first episode in the franchise to have the episode title appear after the ending credits.
  • This episode aired on the 19th anniversary of the debut of the Naruto anime. Consequently, the date also marks Kurama's first and last appearance.


Naruto UzumakiJunko Takeuchi竹内 順子Takeuchi Junko
KuramaTessho Genda玄田 哲章Genda Tesshō
Boruto UzumakiYuko Sanpei三瓶 由布子Sanpei Yūko
KawakiYuma Uchida内田 雄馬Uchida Yūma
Sasuke UchihaNoriaki Sugiyama杉山 紀彰Sugiyama Noriaki
Isshiki ŌtsutsukiKenjiro Tsuda津田 健次郎Tsuda Kenjirō
Momoshiki ŌtsutsukiDaisuke Namikawa浪川 大輔Namikawa Daisuke